One PureWow Staffer Stopped Wearing Makeup After Using Cetaphil Healthy Renew Products

Talk about a glowing review

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Here at PureWow, we review a lot of beauty products and because of that, we tend to be very discretionary (not all mascaras are created equal, folks). So, when a staffer tries a product and boasts “I have instant glowing skin, to the point where I don’t even wear makeup anymore,” we all become intrigued.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when we had two of our social editors—Pascale and Rachel—test out the Cetaphil Healthy Renew collection. The new line targets visible signs of aging, but is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. All formulas include purified peptides (a retinol alternative for sensitive skin), vitamins B3 and B5 to help treat the skin barrier, and botanical extracts to target dullness and uneven skin tone. They’re all dermatologist recommended and defend against five signs of sensitive skin: dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness and weakened skin barrier.

Full transparency: Yes, these reviews are part of a branded partnership, but the opinions are the reviewers’ own. And for what it’s worth, each of these women admitted that they’re still using the collection today. Here’s what our two reviewers had to say.

cetaphil healthy renew face serum

Best for Boosting Hydration

Cetaphil Healthy Renew Face Serum


  • What we like: hydrating, goes on smooth, works well under makeup

Designed to improve skin’s firmness, texture and tone in two weeks, this face serum made a significant impact on Rachel’s complexion. “I’ve noticed a difference in my skin’s texture, as well as coloring. I have fair skin and when I was younger I was obsessed with tanning, so unfortunately I’ve developed some sun spots. I learned my lesson and protect my skin as much as possible now, and using this line has helped diminish my hyperpigmentation,” she says. Rachel and Pascale both note that the product feels akin to a primer—providing a good base to lay down the rest of their skincare routines.

cetaphil healthy renew eye gel serum

Best for Targeting Dark Circles

Cetaphil Healthy Renew Eye Gel Serum


  • What we like: effective, long-term results, feels good on skin

This lightweight eye gel serum claims to reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue around the eye area. “The area around my eyes would always look tired,” says Pascale. “But with the eye gel serum I feel as if that tired look is gone.” Rachel reiterates the effectiveness: “It’s removed my dark circles and left my skin feeling hydrated. I’ve noticed so much of a difference that I don’t feel the need to wear concealer everyday,” she says. They both agree that the weightless formula also absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day.

cetaphil healthy renew night cream

Best for a Retinol Alternative

Cetaphil Healthy Renew Night Cream


  • What we like: retinol alternative for sensitive skin, hydrates for 48 hours

When looking for a night cream, we typically search for something that visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This cream does just that, but with purified peptides—an effective, gentler alternative to retinol. These peptides don’t require the typical adaptation time and don’t increase sensitivity to sun.

“Right before I go to bed, I wash my face, apply each Cetaphil Healthy Renew serum and finish by locking in the moisture with the night cream. I am prone to dry skin, so a thick nighttime moisturizer is ideal for my skin type. When I wake up, I feel hydrated and ready to start my day,” says Rachel.

cetaphil healthy renew day cream

Best for SPF Protection

Cetaphil Healthy Renew Day Cream


  • What we like: broad-spectrum SPF 30, no white cast

“I love that this has SPF in it, so it protects my skin. I’m black and I still need sunscreen. Let’s not forget to mention that there’s no white cast on my face either! This has played a major part in evening out my skin tone and I love how it feels on my face,” says Pascale.

Rachel echos, “I use this religiously! I’m a huge advocate for sunscreen and I believe you should apply it multiple times a day. The best part is that there is a retinol alternative in the cream, so I like to think of it as extra insurance in terms of preventative skincare.”

The Bottom Line

“Not only have I noticed a complete change in my skin after using Cetaphil Healthy Renew, but my friends and family have noticed as well. I have an overall glow that I’ve never experienced before. No other skincare product has given me these results. Oh, and there hasn’t been a pimple on my skin since I started using this line.” —Rachel

“I have instant glowing skin, where I don’t even wear makeup anymore. After a few days of results, it made me want to keep doing my morning and night routine. My skin looks so hydrated, and I feel as though my hyperpigmentation is diminished severely. I literally have one skin tone now. All in all, my name is Pascale and I am completely obsessed with this line.” —Pascale

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