This New Biotin-Infused Oil From Cantu Is Liquid Gold in a Bottle

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Okay friends, let’s talk hair. Sure, there are plenty of trends out there (did you hear the ‘70s are making a comeback?), but there’s one essential that never goes out of style: strong, healthy hair. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about Cantu’s new Biotin-Infused Strengthening Hair & Scalp Oil. Its highly effective formula helps protect your tresses and promote healthy hair growth—for results you can both see and feel. Below, get all the details on this holy grail hair product.

It Strengthens Your Strands

Cantu’s concentrated formula is infused with biotin, essential oils, menthol and benzyl nicotinate, all of which are safe, powerful ingredients used to help promote hair growth for all—including wavy, curly and coily gals. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula also adds shine and seals in moisture for overall more nourished, healthy-looking hair. Win-win, if you ask us.

It’s Multipurpose

Cantu’s Biotin-Infused Strengthening Hair & Scalp Oil can be used both daily to strengthen each strand and as a treatment to soothe, protect and add moisture to a dry scalp. When using as a scalp treatment, cover with your processing cap and let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing—just make sure to do a test patch first in case of any sensitivities.* Remember: A little of this small, but mighty product goes a long way.

It’s Naturally Derived and Nutrient-Dense

And because you should feel confident that your products are effective and safe, Cantu’s oil is formulated with 99 percent naturally derived ingredients, like moisture-sealing tea tree, peppermint, avocado and other essential oils. The menthol and benzyl nicotinate provide a gentle tingle on your scalp, so you can actually feel it working. It’s also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and naturally scented, because no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances are going anywhere near that gorgeous head.

Healthy hair growth, stronger strands and a protected, rejuvenated scalp—now you can see why we’re calling Cantu’s Biotin-Infused Strengthening Hair & Scalp Oil liquid gold in a bottle. Pick some up at your local Walmart right now and get ready to take your personal hair care journey to the next level.

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*We highly recommend that you conduct a patch test for any sensitivities before use. Apply a small amount directly to the scalp and let it sit for 24 hours. If itching, bumps or redness occurs, do not use. A tingling, cooling or warming sensation on the scalp may be experienced and is normal.

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