Yep, Body Masking Is a Thing and Here's Why You Should Do It

We sheet mask. We glitter mask. We eye mask. But why should our face get all the love? There’s a new mask trend on the scene that goes beyond your mug: body masking. It’s just what it sounds like. Want to get on board? Here are seven spa-grade home treatments to upgrade your next self-care Sunday.

The Crucial Sheet Mask Step You’re Missing

the body shop spa of the world himalayan charcoal clay body mask

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay

We’re big fans of charcoal face masks for their pore-refining capabilities. This one basically does the same thing for the rest of your body, drawing out impurities and deep cleaning skin for a brighter, softer complexion from the shoulders down.

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karuna hydrating hand mask

Karuna Hydrating+ Hand Mask

If you’ve ever tried the old Vaseline and glove trick, you know things can get pretty greasy feeling. This hand sheet mask is the cure. Just slip on like a pair of gloves, secure with the included tape and then wait ten to 20 glorious minutes for the serum to work its magic—all with a legitimate excuse not to answer texts.

true botanicals resurfacing body mask

True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask

This mask uses a combo of exfoliating lactic acid and detoxifying green tea to prep skin for max lotion or oil absorption. Apply it wherever you need a little extra skin-regenerating love to reveal a glowy, baby-soft complexion.

hatch mama belly mask
HATCH Collection

Hatch Mama Belly Mask

Calling all moms-to-be. This belly sheet mask (yes, you heard that right) is a saving grace when it comes to minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. Plus, we hear it feels ah-mazing.

lavanila the healthy underarm detox

Lavanila The Healthy Underarm Detox

Between deodorant buildup and sweat, your underarms could likely use a little detoxing. This mask’s activated charcoal formula helps absorb and draw out impurities for fewer bumps and less annoying irritation.

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patchology poshpeel pedi cure foot masque socks
Saks Fifth Avenue

Patchology Poshpeel Pedi Cure Foot Masque Socks

We love a good pedicure, but sometimes they just don’t buff our feet enough. Well, this foot mask gets the job done. Just slip on the plastic booties, pour in the activated essence, and let feet soak it up for an hour (while you catch up on Westworld, obviously). Wash it off and wait for full exfoliation over the next few days.

nannette de gaspe uplift revealed tush mask
Orchard Mile

Nannette De Gaspe Uplift Revealed Tush Mask

Swimsuit season has arrived, and if you want to keep your booty in beach-ready shape, this five-week mask treatment is up for the challenge. It improves firmness and tone and uplifts like only hours of squats could.

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