Dear Bobbi: What Are Some Makeup Tips for Older Women?

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Dear Bobbi,

Like many women over 50, I have dry eye syndrome and blepharitis, so wearing eye makeup (my Bobbi Brown favorites are the smoky eye liner and mascara!) is no longer a daily do. And lipstick has never really been my thing. How can I define my face and feel like my old self without causing more irritation to my eyes? I feel drab.



Dear Lois,

The number one way to give your face an instant lift is to apply blush to your cheeks. (But first, make sure to prep your skin with moisturizer, which will help plump it up and give you a nice glow.) Not sure what color blush to use? Choose one that looks like the color of your cheeks when they are naturally flushed. To apply it, start at the apple of your cheeks and then sweep it up toward the cheekbones and into your hairline. Finish the look with a final pop of blush on just the apples of your cheeks in a slightly brighter color.

As for your eyes, here are a couple of helpful tips that could work for you: 1) Use a hydrating eye cream every day. Be careful not to apply it too close to the lash line to prevent any dryness or tearing that may be occurring. 2) Find a clean or nontoxic brand of concealer (it will have fewer potential irritants in it) and make sure it’s one shade lighter than your foundation. This will brighten the skin under your eyes, which will open them up.

Lastly, have you tried using a dark powdered eye shadow as liner? Powder formulas tend to be less irritating than those with an oil or gel base. Applying a powdered dark shadow close to the lash line (wetting the brush prior to application will make the color appear even darker) will help to define your eyes, but hopefully prevent any irritation.

Hope this helps, and happy holidays, Lois!

xx Bobbi

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