Dear Bobbi: What Beauty Products Should I Buy If I Have Only $100 to Spend?

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Dear Bobbi,

I’m saving for a big trip at the end of the year and I’m on a strict budget until then. If I can only allot myself a maximum of $100 to spend on my beauty routine during this time, what should I spend my money on? How can I get the most bang for my buck, so to speak?

Thank you for your help!



Dear Nancy,

Just because you have a strict budget when it comes to beauty doesn’t mean you have to keep your routine minimal. The key is to buy multitasking products. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with just a brown pencil and a cream blush. Here are some of my favorite beauty products that do the most. By the way, none of these products cost more than $11.

1. Cream Blush: I love using cream blush because it leaves your skin with a dewy finish. You can also add it to your eyelids for a sheer wash of color or use it on lips as a stain. Look for a shade that matches the color your cheeks turn when they naturally flush. Not sure what that looks like? Pinch your cheeks and look for a shade that matches that color.

2. Neutral Eye Shadow: A brown eye shadow is great for not only the lids but also for lining the eyes (both top and bottom). It can also be used to fill in sparse eyebrows and it can even help cover up any gray roots between salon touch-ups.

3. Brown Eyeliner Pencil: Like eye shadow, an eyeliner pencil is another one of my favorite multipurpose products. You can use it to line the eyes, fill in brows and smudge it out to create a smoky-eye look when you’re going from the office to drinks.

4. All-Purpose Balm: I use an all-purpose balm from head to toe. You can use it to tame flyaways, hydrate cuticles, create a dewy look by applying it on cheekbones and eyelids and, of course, heal chapped lips and dry skin.

Not only do these multitasking products save you money, but they also save you time getting ready (and space in your makeup bag). A total win-win situation if you ask me. Hope you have a great vacation!


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