You Can Now Blow-Dry Wrinkles Straight Off Your Face

So weird and so magical

Your new morning routine: You wake up, you shower, you blow-dry off your wrinkles.

Wait, what?

Mmmhhhmmm. We’ve discovered a magical little product that makes it look like you got a face-lift, even if just for the day. It’s called the 3-Minute Instant Facelift Anti-Wrinkle Serum (from Erase Cosmetics, $25), and it’s a skin-care game changer.

What you do: In the morning (after cleansing but before makeup), apply the serum over areas with fine lines and wrinkles. Set your hair dryer to cold and blow across your face for about three minutes.

What happens: The serum then dries and--thanks to ingredients like collagen, cucumber extract and retinol--your wrinkles will disappear instantly, and stay that way for upwards of ten hours.

Our verdict: We were pretty skeptical, too, but sure enough, the lines on our forehead faded and our skin in general was much more taut. (The specific area where we put the serum actually felt weird--almost like a patch of dry skin.) But if that’s how we all avoid Botox, bring it on.