You know Ulta. You love Ulta. You've learned all its secrets. Now it's time to dig through the bajillion products to find the tiny treats—those little beauty happies that won't cost you more than an Abe. You just might be surprised at what you get.

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best products at ulta elf

E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick

You won't find a creamier, more hydrating lipstick at this price. (Maybe any price.) So don't feel bad by stocking up on all 11 colors from the cruelty-free line.

E.l.f. ($3)

best products at ulta essence

Essence Gel Nail Polish

You thought $3 lipstick was good? What about $2 nail polish? With a four-star rating from over 700 reviews, DIY manicurists will tell you it's not a bad gel-like option. 

Essence ($2)

best products at ulta tony moly

TonyMoly Strawberry Nose Pack

If sheet masks and Biore strips had a baby, it'd be this popular Korean blackhead remover.

TonyMoly ($4)

best products at ulta batiste

Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo

You might think a travel-size product is cheating, but not when the dry shampoo within it is so damn good. For quick weekends away, toss this in your bag instead of shampoo for fresh-smelling hair sans the whole water thing.

Batiste ($4)

best products at ulta sweet and shimmer

Sweet & Shimmer Eye shadow Palette

Pearlescent shimmer is trending. But who knows for how long. Skip the $40 palettes.

Sweet & Shimmer ($5)

best products at ulta ulta blender

Ulta Small Super Blenders

Beautyblenders are like $20 a pop. These under-eye-concealer-friendly babies clock in at $2.50 a piece. Oh yeah.

Ulta ($5)

best products at ulta eos

Eos Shave Cream

You probably know this brand for its silky lip balms in the little spherical pods. Well, ever imagine what a shaving cream from them would feel like? We'll tell you: ultra-moisturizing. It's a non-foaming cream—made of conditioning oils, shea butter and vitamins E and C—that you can use wet or dry.

Eos ($4)

best products at ulta sally hansen

Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Numbing Wipes

More of a regular-wax-appointment gal? Be sure to take these wipes with you to clean and calm the skin before, you know, all hell breaks loose.

Sally Hansen ($5)

best products at ulta ecotools

EcoTools Contour Buki Brush

Real talk: Makeup brushes can kinda become ridiculous. Ladies who just want a natural swipe of bronzer, this line should do you just fine. Not to mention, it's PETA certified and completely recyclable.

EcoTools ($5)

best products at ulta elf cleaner

E.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner

We hope everyone is deep-cleaning their brushes once a week and giving a light spritz once a day after getting ready. This bottle is perfect for the latter—freshening things up for tomorrow's facial interaction.

E.l.f. ($3)

best products at ulta revlon

Revlon Lash & Brow Definer

Pick the clumps from your lashes. Fluff your brows without using some old toothbrush. You need one of these.

Revlon ($5)

best products at ulta maui babe

Maui Babe Lip Balm

The fountain of youth lies in lying inside. We kid. But for real, your lips are aging out there everyday in the sun. Swipe on SPF 30, so one day you can feel like J.Lo.

Maui Babe ($5)

best products at ulta bath fizz

Ulta Sugared Vanilla Bath Fizz

Oversize bath bombs don't need to be just for a special relaxing time. Stock up on several little tabs for your nightly avoid-all-talking-to-others time.

Ulta ($3)

best products at ulta spongeables

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer

And while you're at it, scrub your tired toes with a reusable, exfoliating, self-soaping sponge.

Spongeables ($3)

best products at ulta flowery

Flowery Pushit Pro Pusher/Cleaner

Extend the time between your manis by pushing up ragged cuticles and cleaning out beneath your nails. Trust: You'll just feel better.

Flowery ($5)

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