The 8 Best Skin-Care Products for Women in Their 50s

Welp! This is the decade when you’re going to lose volume in your lips and maybe experience some sagging skin. Maybe it’s due to those times you ran around without sunscreen, but more likely it’s a result of your body’s estrogen depletion due to perimenopause and menopause. But fear not. Switching up your skin-care routine to a few strategically targeted products can help retain a firm, glowing appearance.

1. Creamy Cleanser. At this point in your life, you want to remove makeup without stripping your skin of its all-important natural oils. Use a gentle face wash that feels soothing and has just a smidge of fruit exfoliants.

2. Eye Treatment. Why do you finally need to start using one? Because you are likely getting some crinkliness (if not downright wrinkles) at the corners, meaning you need to pump up the micro-circulation to reduce puffiness. Choose a multi-action balm to tackle all fronts.

3. Light/Heat Therapy. Oh, flagging collagen, you need some real help to keep on producing! Invest in an LED device that uses red light therapy and warmth to wake up deep dermal activity. Spend five minutes massaging this guy over your skin at night before bed in order to see filled-in fine lines and plumping after as little as two weeks.

4. Neck Treatment. Even a little turkey neck is too much, so firm up your under-chin area with a peptide-rich formula that firms immediately and plumps up neck creases.

5. Sunscreen Serum. Yes, even on cloudy, winter days, you’ll want to use a zero-weight serum that provides UVA/UVB SPF 50 protection without any whitish cast. Don’t skimp on the amount either—apply a quarter-sized dollop to your face and another for your neck and chest area. 

6. Retinol Serum. Dark spots, redness, large pores and wrinkles—dermatologists recommend fighting all of these results of aging with retinol, a vitamin A derivative that increases cell turnover. Your doctor can recommend prescription strength, but for delicious at-home results, go with this over-the-counter cult night oil that plumps your skin instantly.

7. Lip Scrub. Lips get dry at all ages, but by your 50s you’ll notice some serious shriveling due to reduced volume, as well as some fine lines emerging up top. A good exfoliant will reduce dry skin and encourage circulation, as well as reduce the depth of those lines.

8. Day Cream with a Protective Barrier. You want a day cream that, although it feels ultra-lightweight, actually forms a protective lipid layer to both moisturize and trap moisture in. This Korean skin-care gel cream delivers on all counts.

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