The Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream for Women in Their 50s, From Drugstore to Luxe

You can update your wardrobe and color your grays, but there are two small areas that can quickly reveal your age: your eyes and your hands. First things first, put some SPF on those mitts. Now, let’s talk about your eyes.

Why is this area so prone to wrinkles in the first place? Well, it’s because the skin around your eyes is a lot thinner and more delicate than anywhere else. So, years of smiling, laughing and, yep, squinting at computer screens makes it stretch and then inevitably sag. It’s not the worst thing—it means you’ve done a lot of laughing in your life—but for those who may not be ready to fully embrace signs of aging, thankfully it can also be remedied.

While the hyaluronic acid in our skin begins to decline as we reach our 30s, causing dryness and wrinkles, it turns out a quick boost from an anti-aging eye cream can immediately help to plump up the skin. It just comes down to choosing the right one with ingredients that best address your concerns. For women in their 50s, that’s most likely dark circles and puffiness (look to caffeine and antioxidants like vitamins C or E) or diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (peptides and retinol are key).

Sound like something you might need? Here, 10 of the best anti-aging eye creams for women in their 50s—ranked from our drugstore favorites to luxury splurges.

1. No7 Restore And Renew Multi Action Eye Cream

One of the U.K.’s most popular drugstore brands, No7 is slightly lesser known in the U.S. However, this eye cream deserves the spotlight. The formula protects delicate skin against environmental aggressors and helps to strengthen the natural barrier function while utilizing pro-Retinol ingredient Retinyl Palmitate to support cell renewal.

2. Olay Eyes Brightening Eye Cream

This drugstore staple has been a beauty industry favorite for quite some time. First, because of its light-reflecting complex which instantly blurs eye-area imperfections and diminishes the look of wrinkles. Second, it’s packed with science-backed research and ingredients like vitamin C, caffeine and Olay’s favorite—vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide).Together these work to help your skin retain moisture, and wake up eyes even faster than a double espresso.

3. Baebody Beauty Eye Gel

Dark circles are generally genetic, but enthusiastic Amazon shoppers swear by this skin care hero—and the thousands of reviews (16,996 to be exact) back up its effectiveness. It works all day and night to reduce the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles. Plus, it functions as an anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness.

4. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Unavoidable aspects of everyday life (lack of sleep, UV rays, pollution and blue light) can speed up the formation of crow’s-feet and wrinkles. But this super concentrated reparative eye cream helps to reverse those signs of damage. Not only does it nip fine lines in the bud, but it also hydrates the delicate under-eye skin for a full 24 hours, and even provides eight hours of antioxidant protection from pollution and free radicals. Estée Lauder formulated its own ingredient called ChronoluxCB to help promote the skin’s natural repair process for speedy results.

5. Beautycounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

A solid pick for anyone who prefers clean beauty products—this formula is free of essential oils, silicones, fragrance and…retinol. So, wait, how does it counteract wrinkles, you might ask? With a proprietary plant-based retinol dupe called the Retinatural Complex. Beautycounter credits the Complex with keeping skin plump and hydrated, increasing the feeling of firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosting the skin's barrier function, and protecting against oxidative damage which can cause chronic disease. In just four weeks, 94 percent of people saw a reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet.

6. Colorescience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy Spf 35

Just because your skin may qualify as mature, you do not have a free pass to avoid sunscreen. Featuring ingredients you’ve come to expect from an anti-aging eye cream (like peptides, hyaluronic acid and algae), this formula includes damage-preventing sun filters, as well as a tint that counteracts the unwanted tones of dark circles. One reviewer on Dermstore says, “This product is a workhorse. Does triple duty as it corrects, soothes and hydrates. Sometimes I just put the cooling applicator under my eyes for a treat (without any product) or after my makeup is on because it’s so cooling and like a little moment of ahhhh.”

7. Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream

Fans of a richer formula, this one’s is for you. Caffeine, a key part of this eye cream, rejuvenates the eye area by stimulating circulation and draining accumulated toxins. Regular application, which also contains peptides to fight signs of aging, helps to fade dark circles, restore moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The result is a well-rested appearance, no matter how many candles were on your last birthday cake.

8. Skinceuticals A.g.e. Eye Complex

Although the product description suggests that this eye cream is only for dark circles, it’s actually a fine-line fader in disguise. Thanks to a cocktail of peptides, its silky texture goes on smooth to nourish the delicate under-eye skin, plumping it to diminish wrinkles. Where does the dark circle part come in? This SkinCeuticals cream also includes light-diffusing pigments that brighten skin and immediately remedy those tired, dull-looking bags.

9. Neocutis Lumière Riche Extra Moisturizing Illuminating Eye Cream

For those suffering from extra-dry undereye skin, take it from reviewers who boast that this product made their under-eye area smoother and primed for easier makeup application. Neocutis Lumière Riche Extra Moisturizing Illuminating Eye Cream contains anti-aging growth factors, hydrating ingredients like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate and caffeine to help minimize puffiness. The company also avoids added color and fragrance and they do not test on animals.

10. Sk-ii R.n.a. Power Eye Cream

When we think of eye cream, we expect something that feels nourishing—and this SKII RNA Power Eye Cream has the most divine-feeling formula we’ve ever tried. It goes on like butter (and, OK, kind of looks like it, too), but there’s no greasy after-effect. It sinks in almost instantly to fill fine lines and leave the skin around our eyes feeling so soft and smooth. Beyond actually working, it feels super luxurious to apply (as it should for being priced over $100).

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