7 Bedtime Beauty Tricks for a Smoother Morning

You know the drill: It’s 8 a.m., you’ve hit snooze no less than four times, you’re already late for work, you have no idea what to wear and your hair currently looks like you got electrocuted in your sleep. Stressful wakeups are the worst, and unfortunately, we know them all too well. Not to worry, all ye morning averse. We pulled together seven helpful beauty tricks so you can rise, shine and carpe the hell outta that diem—and look like your best self in the process.

bedtime beauty wash face
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1. Double Cleanse Before Bed

Instead of spending precious morning minutes washing your face, do all the legwork at night. Start with an oil-based cleanser to break up makeup, then use a gentle gel or cream cleanser before moisturizing or finishing up with a night cream. Deep clean at night; quick splash of water in the morning. Done and done.

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2. Wash Your Hair At Night

Speaking of nighttime grooming, you should aim to shower at night to cut down on getting-ready time. After washing your hair, use a leave-in conditioner like Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner so your strands are sleek and tangle-free when you wake up.

style hair at night

3. Style Your Hair At Night Too

After washing and detangling your hair at night (see above), smooth your strands into a low bun (or two, if you have thick hair). Voilà: When your alarm sounds, you’ll wake up to frizz-free waves.

bedtime beauty face peel wipe
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4. Use A Peel Pad

Once or twice a week, swipe a peel pad (we like Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel) over your face to remove dead skin cells and brighten up your complexion. It only takes a few seconds and makes a world of difference.

bedtime beauty plucking
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5. Tweeze And Pluck

We’ve all been there: You’re just about to walk out the door after one last glance in the mirror, but UGH! There’s a rogue brow hair coming in. One thing leads to another and soon you’ve spent 15 minutes picking at your face. Instead, do all your tweezing and plucking at night to cut down on a.m. grooming time.

bedtime beauty lotion
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6. Amp Up The Moisture

In the winter months, or whenever you’re feeling dry, slather on a hydrating mask and place a warm, damp towel over it for a few minutes for deeper penetration. More moisture equals calmer, smoother skin when you wake up.

bedtime beauty organized bathroom sink
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7. Organize Your Routine

Just as you used to set out your clothing before school the next day, place your makeup and any a.m. skin care essentials in one easy-to-reach spot so you can prep, set and go. Otherwise, you’ll waste time rooting through your vanity instead of heading out the door.


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