Bark & Glossier Just Teamed Up to Drop the Most Unexpected Collab

If you’re like us, then your dog is a member of your family. They eat organic food, get all the exercise and have access to an unlimited amount of cuddles. As such, he or she only deserves the best when it comes to beauty products, right? Wait, beauty products, you may be asking? Yep, as of today, one of our favorite beauty brands, Glossier, is now available to furry friends—but not in the way you’d expect.

No, Glossier isn’t introducing a line of dog makeup products (although, TBH, we’d probably buy glam for ol’ Rover if he wanted it). Instead, the beauty innovator has partnered with BARK to release a limited-edition collection of dog toys inspired by their most popular products, which is arguably a better option than dog makeup.

Regardless of the state of your dog’s eyebrows, they’ll love the BARK x Glossier Toy Brow ($10), which is a clever riff on Glossier’s bestselling eyebrow pomade Boy Brow and is shown above. Like its IRL inspo, the Toy Brow has two parts, a wand and a container, except in this case there’s also a fun squeaky component. In case you’re wondering, the real Boy Brow doesn’t have that.

The new dog knickknack range also includes the already sold out BARK x Glossier Balm Dotcom chew toy, which will hopefully be back in stock sooner rather than later.

So, if you’re all about Instagram-worthy playthings and your dog is too, then you might want to snag a Toy Brow before it sells out. Your dog and their expressive little eyebrows will thank you for it.

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