What Being a Worrywart Says About Your Intelligence

So you spent half the night worrying about that big project that’s due next week. And then wondering whether you set your alarm. And then swearing you turned the oven off, but thinking maybe you didn’t and getting up to see if it’s off. And then as soon as you get back into bed, you start thinking about your curling iron, which you swore you unplugged, but…

Good news, worrywarts. According to a study conducted by researchers from Lakehead University in Ontario, people who worry also tend to score higher on verbal intelligence tests. In other words, all of that ruminating before you go to sleep is actually sharpening your critical thinking skills. 

And you know how you spend hours rehashing old conversations in your mind, just obsessing about what you should have done or said differently? Turns out that’s actually training your mind to respond intelligently if a similar situation happens in the future. 

In short, stop worrying about worrying. (But seriously, did you unplug the curling iron?)

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