Women Can Read Minds Better Than Men, According to a Totally Unsurprising Study

We’re better learners, more empathetic and even have cleaner hands. But scientists have recently discovered something else about women that shouldn’t come as any surprise: We can read minds better than men.

A new study from the University of Cambridge suggests a female’s genes are better wired to read emotions by staring into someone’s eyes. For the study, researchers measured test scores of nearly 89,000 participants on a cognitive-empathy test and found that “people can rapidly interpret what another person is thinking or feeling from looking at their eyes alone,” and that women scored better on the test on average.

The study, in partnership with genetics company 23andme, was able to identify variants on women’s chromosome 3 that helps explain our increased ability to "read the mind in the eyes."

So next time you and your S.O. are holding back on what you really want for dinner, just stare into his eyes for the truth. (And pray it's pizza.)

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