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Quiz: What Type of Complainer Are You?

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Complaining happens. In fact, a lot of times it’s a good thing. (Hey, that vent session via group text with your friends did make you feel better about what your mother-in-law said last week.) But how you complain matters, according to The New York Times, and there are actually three different types of complainers. Two are healthy, the third is not. So, which type are you? Take our quiz to find out.


Your Mother-in-law Is Famous For Her Baking Skills…and Backhanded Compliments. But That Last One Hit A Little Too Close To Home. You...

Air your feelings to your bestie over a glass of wine

Tell your spouse the time has come to defend your honor

Stew about it out loud to anyone who will listen…for a couple of weeks


Your Coworker Said, ‘you Look Tired.’ Ouch. You’ll Be Able To Let It Go…


After you’ve Slacked your work wife to tell her what happened

After you’ve reasoned out why she could possibly think that


Feedback. It’s Often A Love/hate Relationship. What’s Your Take On It?




Your Favorite Way To Ruminate Is...

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Happy hour every night

Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

Texting your friends

Sengchoy Inthachack/Eye Em

Going for a run


Pick A parks And Recreation Character:


Leslie Knope


Ann Perkins


April Ludgate

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