The One Thing to Say When Someone Gives You Unsolicited Advice

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OMG, unsolicited advice is everywhere—whether you’re planning a wedding, having a baby or, heck, choosing a diet plan for the new year. But here’s the thing: Sometimes all you want to do is mention what’s going on in your life without opening the floodgates for everyone (your mom/sister-in-law/neighbor from three houses down) to weigh in. Here, a genius deflection tactic that will give you an immediate out.

What you say: The next time someone in your life—even someone you hold near and dear—decides to offer his or her unsolicited opinion on a matter that’s personal to you, listen attentively and reply: “You may be right!” Then, move on.

Why this works: First of all, it’s totally respectful. Second, it proves you’re listening and validates the opinion while, at the same time, giving you an opportunity to quickly change the subject. Huzzah!

Because, ugh, you really don’t need to hear your sister-in-law wax on about stroller brands. Problem solved.

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