Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 22 to 28, 2020

As we deal with the uncertainty of these rapidly changing times, what do the stars have to say? How can we keep our social distance and shelter in place while still showing up for our loved ones and our community? On the 24th, there’s a hopeful new moon in Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, when Aries gets an idea in their head, they are immediately off to the races. Nothing stops them until they’ve made it work. Let’s channel that ambition and that optimism as we get to know our new normal.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Your season is off to quite a crazy start. But trust that even in the toughest times, your smile is a ray of sunshine. At the new moon in your sign on the 24th, consider how you can turn self-care into community care. Make someone else’s day just by being you. Teach your grandmother or your technologically averse aunt how to FaceTime—from a safe distance, of course. Write a letter to your sister. How can you use this time at home to not only nest but also get in touch with your roots?

Your mantra this week: Be your own sunshine.

1 taurus

Luckily for you, dear Taurus—social distancing is coming at an astrologically auspicious time. This week’s new moon on the 24th highlights your unconscious sector. Meditation and rest are just what the cosmos had in mind for you anyway. Soak up the silence (when possible) and stay off social media as much as you can. Later in the week, you’ll be itching to learn something new. Whether it’s attempting one of the cakes from The Great British Bake Off or picking up French on DuoLingo, do what brings you comfort.

Your mantra this week: Learn something new.

2 gemini

Now more than ever is the time to use your social skills to help keep your friends, family and community organized, Gemini. At the new moon on the 24th, make sure you’re either helping to coordinate grocery deliveries to your elderly neighbors or planning a raucous 15-person happy hour over video chat. Prioritize seeing people’s faces (even if you can’t give them a hug!) this week. Your words calm people’s nerves, so don’t shy away from your chance to lead.

Your mantra this week: Take the lead!

3 cancer

There is perhaps no one more suited for WFH than you, dear Cancer. The new moon in the 24th falls in your public image sector, so although you won’t be out and about, why not do your makeup for your morning Zoom conference with the team? Why not do a fashion show for your new coworker, Mac the Aussie? For the rest of the week, you’re inspired to experiment with your style in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Your mantra this week: Experiment while no one’s watching.

4 leo

This week’s new moon on the 24th falls in the part of your chart that represents higher learning, spirituality and travel. And though you won’t be hopping on a plane to your next great escape anytime soon, is it time to instead conquer Anna Karenina or get back into Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series? Building a daily yoga or meditation practice—and doing it over FaceTime with a friend—is wonderful medicine as well. Focus on what you can learn.

Your mantra this week: Read a book.

5 virgo

How’s it going now that you and your hubby—or your roommate—are both working from home? On the 22nd, sit down together and map out your schedule for the coming week. Plan to take meaningful breaks—like live-stream fitness classes or lunches on the porch—so you don’t get on each other’s nerves during “office hours.” The new moon on the 24th falls in your house of shared resources, so, for better or worse, it’s a good week to do your taxes.

Your mantra this week: Enjoy the breaks.

6 libra

This week’s new moon on the 24th falls in your house of joint ventures. If you’re a freelancer, this is an auspicious day to find clients or opportunities in this uncertain time. This is also a great day to do something special for your partner or even your long-distance work wife, like a social-distancing date night or FaceTime happy hour vent session. If money has also been on your mind through this trying time, on the 28th you get some good news about a loan, refinance or bills you’ve needed to postpone.

Your mantra this week: Let people help you!

7 scorpio

This week’s new moon on the 24th is all about maintaining your health and daily routine. And now that you are forced to spend more time at home, why not get into living-room weight lifting or commit to taking a daily walk on the trail or in the park? Even the ritual of wiping off your desk and spraying some essential oils before opening your laptop each morning matters. Implementing even the tiniest tasks can help you feel grounded in these uncertain times. Fall in love with your to-do list.

Your mantra this week: Move your body.

8 sagittarius

Whether you’re transitioning to WFH life with your kids by your side or holed up with your three roommates, this week’s new moon on the 24th is all about getting in touch with your inner child and finding levity in this difficult time. It’s OK to turn everything into a game. Allow yourself to play. By the 28th, you’re more grounded in the new normal of your daily schedule, which definitely includes mandatory five-minute dance parties and writing your to-do lists in glitter gel pen.

Your mantra this week: What would your inner child do?


Appropriately for you, this week’s new moon falls in your home and family sector. As you’ve already been spending a lot of intimate time in your house—cleaning out the closets and finally getting around to putting up that crown molding—on the 24th, take some time to hit pause on the DIY projects and accept the stillness: Yes, it’s good to keep yourself busy, but it’s also good to be realistic about your situation. On the 28th, sit down with the family or your roommates and do a puzzle. Don’t stop until you’re finished. Enjoy the pleasure of something feeling complete.

Your mantra this week: Stop cleaning and chill.

10 aquarius

This week’s new moon on the 24th is a moment to reckon with information overload. Though the news is changing constantly, how can you make sure you aren’t getting sucked into your feed? Are you prioritizing phone conversations or sticking to texts? Try to set aside time every day for journaling and quiet reflection away from screens. Stare out the window! Take long walks around the neighborhood and check in with your neighbors—from a safe social distance! Do what you can to get out of the void.

Your mantra this week: Look away from the screen.

11 pisces

At this week’s new moon on the 24th, what’s really valuable becomes abundantly clear, whether it’s that Turkish robe that’s turned out to be a WFH lifesaver or the hearty breakfasts with your roommate or the simple generosity of family and neighbors. Take a moment to acknowledge the blessings of comfort and security. On the 28th, you get a letter in the mail or a surprise FaceTime call from a childhood friend. There’s such a sweetness to every small gesture.

Your mantra this week: Appreciate the little things.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...