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Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 17 to 23

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Happy Aries season! But the real holiday is the full Worm Moon on the 20th. This one is in Libra, the sign of partnerships and rivalries, so our most committed (or intense) relationships will feel that hot cosmic spotlight. We may want to run away and hide until next week...

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12 Aries  

It’s your season, Aries, and yet, you might have to share the spotlight by focusing on your other half. The Worm Moon on the 20th spotlights your partnership sector, and any misunderstandings will feel like birthday sabotage (even if it’s not your actual birthday). Try to hold off on tantrums until next week when Mercury goes direct.

1 Taurus  

Take care of your body this week, especially on the 20th. The stress of the Worm Moon may totally drain you physically, even if you’re not actually upset with anyone. It’s just that everything—even a really fun conversation—might feel like work. Give yourself a mini vacation of alone time if you can.

2 Gemini  

The bad news is that you could break up with someone, even if you really, really like them, because of some temperamental difference that seems irreconcilable (she likes to read on the beach, you like to talk on the beach). The good news is, Mercury retrograde means that decision may not stick, and maybe next week it’ll be you with your nose in a book, relationship intact.

3 Cancer  

This week Mercury retrograde and the Worm Moon may conspire to bring chaos to the homestead. Whether that’s horrible dreams and a week of sleepless nights or a squeaky carbon monoxide detector that gives you a headache during the day, home is just not feeling like home. (Make sure you figure out why the CO detector is beeping…)

4 Leo  

Aries season might just send you on a trip with friends! Whether it’s a big to-do, like a bachelorette party in Bogotá, or just because you and the gang really wanted to be on a beach in Florida, say yes to the opportunity to get away when it presents itself. It’s officially spring, and you officially need a break.

5 Virgo  

If you’re waiting on a payment, either a settlement or a bonus, you may finally get your check this week. The Worm Moon on the 20th will bring some closure to a financial matter that has caused you undue stress, and even if the amount is not what you hoped for, or the negotiation may have to continue another round, at least it’s progress for now.

6 Libra  

Pay attention to how much you can get done this week without checking in with someone else—especially if you’re newly single. With Mercury in Pisces, the loss may feel especially overwhelming. It’s OK if you burst into tears at the grocery store, truly. There’s nothing wrong with crying over shelved milk. But when you leave, notice the mini-satisfaction at being productive. That’s your salvation right now.

7 Scorpio  

This is a moody week, maybe the moodiest in a while, so do yourself and others a favor by staying in. You’re in no position to be hosting parties when a) you’re stressed about work piling up, and b) you’re especially deep in your feelings with Mercury in Pisces. Let yourself cancel plans and feel that immediate wave of relief. You deserve at least that much this week.

8 Sagittarius  

Hmm, are your friends being nonchalant about your success at work or with new hobbies (you’re getting handy with the Photoshop, and it deserves more than one exclamation point)? On the 20th, step away from the Debbie Downers, because you only have time for people who celebrate your multitudes with two exclamation points! (!!!!!!)


Anticipate a showdown between a parent or a boss. Although you usually hold up well under scrutiny, you may not be “exceeding expectations,” either at home or at work. “Lean in” to Mercury retrograde, and bend in the short term, because you can bet that perceptions will be shifting soon. You’ll still be standing when they do.

10 Aquarius  

Well, well, well, looks like you’ve got something to learn, Aquarius. You’re used to being the smartest person in the room, but somehow this week your prescient analysis fails to persuade your friends, coworkers or partner. The Worm Moon on the 20th may deliver a few harsh rebuttals, but remember, if it’s coming from someone in your life, they are probably smart enough to listen to.

11 Pisces  

You’ve been jerked around long enough when it comes to getting a raise, a promotion or even selling your long-toiled memoir; you will finally get answers after the Worm Moon on the 20th. Because Mercury is still in retrograde, the negotiations may not be over yet, but you will be relieved—if not fully satisfied—that some pieces of this puzzle are resolved.

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