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Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 10 to 16

It’s an emotional week for sure, so you may need to hug it out (or have it out) with someone close to you. Don’t search too hard for a resolution, though—with Mercury still in retrograde and Uranus settling into its Taurus placement, we are very much in medias res. But this week will be productive and move you forward, wherever you are. You just won’t necessarily know where you’re going (a minor detail). 

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11 Pisces  

This week, while everyone is fumbling over their words, your ability to speak up is powerful. Mercury, while retrograde, is in your sign, after all, and he may unlock deep insights and the ability to communicate them effectively. Whether you’re persuading your boss to switch over to Gmail or talking a friend through some impossible grief, you will make the difference.

12 Aries  

The jealousy bug may bite you this week, making it hard for you to root for Carol while she’s signing her fourth book deal (seriously, Carol, how are you doing this...?). On the 14th, your efforts will be rewarded and noticed, so if you want to outshine Carol, make sure you’ve been keeping your eyes on your own prize, too.

1 Taurus  

Your eyes are bigger than your wallet, especially if you’ve been dropping piles of cash on consecutive nights out with friends. Challenge yourself, especially on the 14th, to engage in a “zero-dollar day”—yes, that includes online. It’ll be one-half annoying and one-half easier than you thought, which is a pretty good deal!

2 Gemini  

If a professional rival is scooping up all your accolades, don’t freak out. There really is enough success to go around, at least for both of you. Check yourself before you’re tempted to sabotage and try to get to the root of it. What can they really take from you that’s actually yours? (Nothing!) Their shine doesn’t touch yours.

3 Cancer  

It’s good to be out of the house, and even if it’s for work, don’t neglect to treat yourself to some sightseeing. This trip may be especially healing, eventful (you may meet someone!), educational and, above all, fun. And you deserve a little bit of that, don’t you?

4 Leo  

Some weeks are more about work than play, Leo, and no one can focus like you. You may be a goofball with the biggest laugh of your friends, but when your to-do list is piling up, you’ve got to act like the boss of your own life. Time to finally donate the pile of clothes you purged from your closet last month after bingeing Marie Kondo. The real spark of joy comes with the satisfaction of getting it done.

5 Virgo  

Don’t neglect the old ball and chain this week. You may feel like your marriage is on solid ground, but like everything else, it requires steady maintenance. You’ll be more in sync than usual, especially on the 14th, so skip the deliberations about what to eat and watch. Just have two orders of Thai and the next episode of Russian Doll queued up.

6 Libra  

Have you nearly mastered that perfect headstand? Are you almost front-of-the-class polished in barre class? You could see real physical progress in your fitness this week if you focus on it. Whether that’s flexibility, an intricate dance step or lifting hundreds of pounds, this is the week to believe in yourself, because your body is there for it.

7 Scorpio  

This is an incredibly romantic week—but that’s not limited to literal romantic partnership. If you’re sitting pretty without a boo, that’s just fine, because you may overflow with inspiration and creativity. Finish that pilot or sew that camisole from scratch. Indulging in your passions is really you falling in love with yourself, so get mushy this week, Scorpio.

8 Sagittarius  

Make a point this week to sit down and really assess your portfolio. Not just a semi-rigorous accounting of what you have, but factor in what you want and what you may feasibly acquire this year. You may be sitting on a more solid financial foundation than you think, but you don’t know what you don’t know, you know?


If you’re in a “situationship,” the 14th is the perfect day to ask where things are going. Even though Mercury is still in retrograde, and it’s unwise to formally initiate anything, conversations on this day may actually advance the plot—in a good way. You’ll want to bookmark it for later.

10 Aquarius  

While you’re on high alert for potential moneymaking opportunities, remember that you don’t have to monetize literally every skill you have. You’re a natural multi-hyphenate, Aquarius, and yes, even multi-hyphenates need to eat. But you don’t need to justify spending a few hours on the violin, even if no one is paying for it. Let that one be just for you.

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