Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 18 to July 24

Glamour and shameless attention seeking are on tap as Leo season kicks off on the 22nd. But with Venus moving into meticulous and devoted Virgo this week as well, we’re challenged to stay humble. Think of those born with the sun in Leo and Venus in Virgo who are masters of their craft—from Julia Child to Finneas O’Connell (Billie Eilish’s brother/collaborator) to Louis Vuitton—as inspiration. Under this influence, brilliance is letting the work speak for itself. The full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd also wants us to play it cool. Though full moons are usually a time to shout our intentions from the rooftop, this lunation proves that less is more. Clear and simple communication solves most of this week’s problems.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

The full moon on the 23rd helps you clarify a vision for the next steps in your career. It’s not that you don’t have the ambition or the talent, it’s that you’ve been looking to the wrong people (or more likely, just too many people) for support. Venus’s move into Virgo on the 21st further emphasizes your need for reliable coworkers and a functional work environment.

This week’s mantra: Only seek advice if you’re going to take it.

1 taurus

Venus—your ruling planet—enters Virgo and your pleasure sector on the 21st. For the last month or so, you’ve been making constant excuses about why you’re just “too busy” to get back into dating. But this week, you’re inspired to strategize and make pro/con lists comparing the apps (are you more likely to find love on Hinge or OKCupid?). The full moon on the 23rd falls in your public image sector, so go ahead and put yourself out there.

This week’s mantra: You can only hide for so long.

2 gemini

Security has been the main thing on your mind since Mercury entered sweet, nurturing Cancer earlier this month. What is it that you really need to feel safe and comforted and how are you going to pay for it? The full moon on the 23rd lets you see your situation through someone else’s POV and gain more perspective on your next steps. An unexpected conversation lays the groundwork for your plan.

This week’s mantra: You have options.

3 cancer

The full moon on the 23rd isn’t a windfall for you but it is a windfall for your partner. It’s been a difficult few months of making ends meet as you’ve had way more expenditures than usual. Luckily, you’re able to accept a little help to pay off that excessive credit card bill. Let someone else be generous for once.

This week’s mantra: Ask and you shall receive.

4 leo

The wait is over! Happy Birthday Season, Leo! The sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, giving you that annual ego boost of truly feeling like yourself. But just when you thought things were finally going to be all about you, the full moon on the 23rd stirs up some trouble in your relationship. Luckily, conflicts are easily solved this week with quality time and deep conversation.

This week’s mantra: Sharing the spotlight only makes things brighter.

5 virgo

Networking has been a constant for you since Mercury moved into Cancer earlier this month. As the communication planet connects with both shocking Uranus and dreamy Neptune this week, you’re treated to many unexpected (and lengthy!) dialogues with important people. Then the full moon on the 23rd falls in your daily grind sector and emphasizes the need to sort through your emails and follow up with mentors.

This week’s mantra: Opportunity is waiting for you.

6 libra

Sweet Venus—your ruling planet—dives into Virgo and your unconscious sector on the 21st. After a month of constant socializing with Venus in Leo, you get a chance to catch your breath. Take time for rest and solitude. Then on the 23rd, the full moon has you wanting to get in touch with your inner child. Play a game, sing a song or prepare a meal that would make your younger self smile.

This week’s mantra: Escape doesn’t have to mean running away.

7 scorpio

With Saturn and Jupiter both in Aquarius for most of this year, expansion in your home life has come with many restrictions. Creating the living space of your dreams has required a lot of sacrifice. The full moon on the 23rd is also in Aquarius and is a moment for you to reflect on how far you’ve come since February. You’ve made huge strides. Share your progress!

This week’s mantra: Limits can be positive.

8 sagittarius

Venus moves into Virgo and your career sector on the 21st. Though much of the last few months has been about settling into a new home, this week you’re able to focus on connections that will help you move ahead in your career. Then the full moon on the 23rd sparks your interest in writing or journaling. Make a habit of tracking your progress.

This week’s mantra: Attention enables ease.


Leo season begins on the 22nd and brings the sun (our life force) to your shared resources sector. Whether you survive or thrive this month depends on your ability to collaborate, invest and release control over a project. The full moon on the 23rd brings your attention to your own income and finances. Where have you found abundance since February and where do you need to improve to feel secure?

This week’s mantra: Take the assignment.

10 aquarius

Your ability to reflect everyone’s situation back to them with insight and clarity is put to the test this week as Leo season begins on the 22nd. Everyone is coming to you with questions and concerns, wondering if they’re on the right track. Luckily the full moon on the 23rd falls in your sign, allowing you to focus on yourself. Get a manicure and save the pep talks for a different day.

This week’s mantra: You know who deserves your time.

11 pisces

Self-care is of utmost importance this week as Jupiter is spending its final week in your sign before retrograding back into Aquarius on the 28th. Be loud! Take up space! Ask for what you want and deserve! The full moon on the 23rd falls in your unconscious sector, bringing up some pangs of loneliness you haven’t felt for most of this spring. Focus on how much better you are now at being your own best friend.

This week’s mantra: Being alone doesn’t mean you're lonely.

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