Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 11 to July 17

Communication planet Mercury leaves chatty Gemini for considerate Cancer on the 11th, immediately making a supportive trip to Jupiter in Pisces on the 12th. This is cause for optimism. Then things heat up on the 13th as Venus conjoins Mars in the sweltering sign of Leo. (This aspect has “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” energy and is found in the charts of celebs with major charisma, from Keanu Reeves to Kanye West to Zendaya). Our desires are meant to be acted upon. Though everything feels more challenging by the end of the week—as the sun connects with hazy Neptune and faces off with powerful Pluto—whatever we decide has a major impact on the long term. Seeds are being planted. Why not now?

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

The too-hot-to-handle conjunction of Venus and Mars on the 13th falls in your house of romance and pleasure. If you’ve been looking for a sign to reactivate the apps or ask out your cute former coworker, this is your moment. Though this week mostly has you reveling in (maybe too much of) a good time, you’re also concerned with your finances. Really amazing or really stressful news about your budget comes in tandem with your hot date.

This week’s mantra: Nothing says sexy like “moderation.”

1 taurus

The Venus-Mars conjunction on the 13th has many of your friends throwing themselves into whirlwind romances, but for you, this is the perfect moment to practice self-love. Whether you’re totally single or planning your wedding, why not take yourself out on a date? Wear your hottest boots, cutest dress and snag a table for one at your favorite reopened restaurant. Cultivating a sense of peace attracts what you really want.

This week’s mantra: No better love than loving yourself.

2 gemini

Mercury finally leaves your sign on the 11th and is now gliding through emo Cancer. As the communication planet connects with expansive Jupiter on the 12th, you’re encouraged to take a bold move with your boss and ask for a raise. Career momentum requires personal movement. Then on the 13th, the steamy Venus-Mars conjunction has you DMing a high school crush or shamelessly flirting with your favorite barista. Love is closer than you realize.

This week’s mantra: Be content and be vulnerable.

3 cancer

A recent breakup has you spinning your wheels, mourning what could have been. Will you ever find love again? But as Venus and Mars meet up in sultry Leo on the 13th, you can’t help but wonder: Are the feelings you have for your friend more than platonic? A flirty conversation forces you to reconsider the more conservative rules for romance that you’ve always followed. It’s time to live that friends to lovers fantasy.

This week’s mantra: The heart wants what it wants.

4 leo

Sadly, it’s not your birthday yet, but you’re bound to turn heads at your Cancer BFF’s birthday party on the 13th. The Venus-Mars conjunction falling in your sign has you feeling yourself and flaunting your style. Enjoy it while it lasts because your confidence falters later in the week—as the sun faces off with revelatory Pluto on the 17th—when you stir up a power struggle you thought was ancient history with your boss (or worse, your father). If you can’t work under someone else’s rules, it might be time to make your own.

This week’s mantra: You’re fabulous but are you happy?

5 virgo

Your ruling planet Mercury glides into your friendship sector on the 11th, putting you in a chatty, social mood. But you’re not just having fun, you’re more willing than usual to show up and be vulnerable. A chill dinner party ends with everyone crying together. Then on the 13th, the Venus-Mars conjunction falls in your unconscious sector, stirring some nostalgic emotions for a love you tried to leave in the past. Instead of endlessly scrolling through their Instagram, try to put your feelings into words.

This week’s mantra: Stay present.

6 libra

The Venus-Mars conjunction on the 13th marks a turning point for your relationship. The two of you have been together for years but in many ways, you’ve avoided really building a life together. This transit is the push you need to finally combine your assets. Nothing’s hotter to you right now than the words “joint bank account.” Celebrate this milestone by splurging on a $30 bottle of prosecco and reallocating a chunk of savings toward buying a house.

This week’s mantra: Combine your resources.

7 scorpio

The Venus-Mars conjunction on the 13th helps you hit the reset button on your career. Contracts are being negotiated and for once, you’re prepared to advocate for what you need. Ask for more vacation days, better mental health coverage and permanent flexibility to work from home. Yes, you’ve felt undervalued in the past, but this is the present. As the sun connects with Neptune on the 16th, you’re able to clearly envision your dreams for the first time in years. Requesting what you deserve has a ripple effect.

This week’s mantra: Why not have it all?

8 sagittarius

Higher education, travel and all kinds of future plans are on your mind as sweet Venus meets up with action planet Mars on the 13th. With your ruling planet Jupiter retrograde for the summer, you’ve been focusing less on your day to day and more on the big picture. If you could live anywhere and do anything (and money wasn’t a concern), what would you do? How can you take the first tiny steps (or larger leaps) toward actualizing this dream?

This week’s mantra: Lead your legacy.


All of your friends are going on hot dates this week, but your life isn’t feeling like such a fairytale right now. As the Venus-Mars conjunction—the sexiest aspect of the year—perfects on the 13th, you find yourself in the midst of a passive aggressive argument with your partner. Yes, the two of you bought that car together, but he always acts like it’s only his. Consider whether this is a problem to be solved or a total deal breaker before engaging in a blowout fight.

This week’s mantra: Save your energy for what’s meant to last.

10 aquarius

The possibility of moving to a new city for work has been on the table since the new moon in Taurus back in May. But as Venus and Mars come together in the sky on the 13th, the stars quite literally align, and someone makes you an offer that you (maybe) can’t refuse. You’ve been reckoning with what home really means to you for a long time now. Why not take the leap? The landing will be taken care of once you jump.

This week’s mantra: Stillness is not the move.

11 pisces

As Mercury slips into Cancer—and your romance sector—on the 11th, you find the words to shoot your shot with a crush. Cancer season has been mostly about nostalgia and unrequited love thus far but this week, your sincerity makes you especially charming. Then on the 13th, the Venus-Mars conjunction helps you confront an ongoing health or wellness issue. Scheduling your vitamins like you schedule your Zoom meetings makes a difference.

This week’s mantra: Honesty is alluring.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



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