Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 27 to February 2

The first supermoon of the year is finally behind us (only two more to go…), and we may need a minute to shake off the emotional debris. Even if everything around us looks like chaos, this week is ripe with potential energy, and if we’re patient enough to see it, we’re surrounded with opportunities for a fresh start.

12 aries

If you feel like everything’s under control, that might make you antsy for a new challenge. Such is the Aries way. For you, the best way to expend that percolating energy is to take action, so carve out some time to do research, free write or make those intro calls. You don’t need to close a deal yet; you just need to open the spreadsheet and start the project.

1 taurus

This is not the week to stay in and wallow, especially if you had a hard time with the supermoon. Do a whole day with your friends (brunch, movies, massages, etc.) because they will remind you that life is more than sit-down shower crying and stress eating a block of cheese (although it can be very much that, too)—it can also be fun!

2 gemini

You’re in the mood to get your money right, Gemini. Don’t just sit there envisioning your lotto ticket win or your growing investment portfolio—actually get your receipts lined up for tax season and then buy that lotto ticket. Thinking isn’t quite as effective as doing, even for a sign as cerebral as you.

3 cancer

You and your spouse might want to take a little getaway this week. If you’re in a wintry climate, head somewhere sunnier, because the cold weather blues might be getting you down right about…now. A little vitamin D and quality time will restore that “alive” glow you’re looking to recapture.

4 leo

Don’t slack off this week, because VIPs are paying attention to your hustle. Whether that’s your boss or influencers or someone you were hoping to impress, you should proceed as though you have an audience. That shouldn’t intimidate you (it never does, does it, Leo?) because the eyes on you want you to win as much as you do.

5 virgo

If you’re dating someone, this may be the week you two take it up a notch, commitment-wise. You could even get engaged or married! If you’re single, your intuitions about what you want and need are in harmony, so trust your gut about anyone you meet. Beautiful cheekbones aren’t everything, Virgo.

6 libra

If you don’t feel like going to the gym (a relatable emotion, to be sure), then make sure to incorporate some exercise into your home or work routine. Even if it’s just some jumping jacks and stretching, you don’t want to neglect your body. It’s the difference between a good mood and a bad mood (a brief poll of everyone you know showed overwhelming favor for the former).

7 scorpio

This is a gooey, romantic week, Scorpio. If you’re all partnered up, surprise your significant other or spouse with dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date or your favorite movie to watch together. Lean into your vulnerable, sentimental side, and your partner will follow suit. You’re not early for Valentine’s Day—you’re just warming up.

8 sagittarius

If you’re not moving or potentially closing on a house this week, Sagittarius, then maybe you’re redoing your kitchen or finally finishing that basement. Whatever the task at hand, you will make significant progress in transforming your domestic sphere into a place that actually feels like home.


Got a creative assignment, Capricorn? Don’t play it safe, even if you know what works. This week, challenge yourself to try something weird that usual-you would never do. Don’t fret that you’d be compromising the integrity of your brand, Capricorn—you’ll actually be expanding it.

10 aquarius

As much as you want to go go go (it’s your season after all, Aquarius), you should take this week to rest. You can mentally plot your global takeover if you like, but do it from the safe auspices of a yoga mat or sauna. If you can clear your mind, that’ll only further your plans in the long run, promise.

11 pisces

Spend time with people who motivate you. We all have those friends who make us work a little harder, and that’s the energy you want to surround yourself with. You won’t feel competitive or jealous; you’ll absorb their tiger energy and feel like a more powerful you. That’s how the best friends make us feel anyway, and this week, they are good at their jobs.

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