Your Weekly Horoscope August 4 to 10, 2019

The sun rules Leo season, we must remember that though we are at the height of endless summer, the days are actually getting shorter. We can have our fish tacos and eat them, too, but nothing lasts forever. On the 7th and the 8th, the Sun and Venus in Leo connect with passionate Jupiter in Sagittarius, inspiring action toward a big-picture goal. With the Moon also in Sagittarius this week, it is a distinctly auspicious time to set intentions.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

4 leo

Even the life of the party needs a makeover sometimes. Take yourself on a date this week, and use the occasion as an excuse to debut a fresh hair color, or those pristine Stan Smiths, or the hilarious joke you have been keeping to yourself. Whether it’s heading to a gallery opening, an afternoon concert in the park or a beach volleyball tournament, you will leave the adventure only further inspired. Don’t miss any opportunity to click refresh on your sense of self.

5 virgo

An obsessive home improvement project you started back in the spring—whether you planted a garden or scheduled a remodel for the kitchen—becomes a priority again this week. It’s time to harvest the (perhaps literal) fruits of your labor. You didn’t expect those few tiny seeds to yield so many tomatoes, or for the contractors to so willingly negotiate their price, but now you must take responsibility for the opportunity and abundance. Make sure you know how to make what you’re getting last. Get a good recipe for arrabbiata sauce, research the best floor tiles and plan for the future.

6 libra

Encouragement from friends helps you launch a long-awaited project this week. Trust that what you have to offer—whether it’s a neighborhood recycling initiative, an investigative road trip or sharing sustainability tips on Instagram—benefits not only you but also your community. Though you are always careful to consider everyone else’s views, and struggle sometimes to make a decision, you must learn how important it is to further your own ideas. Though it’s a giant leap for you, think of this project as another small step in an enormous conversation.

7 scorpio

It is absolutely true that no one else will recognize your power until you recognize it in yourself. Maybe you’ve been struggling at work. Or maybe you feel like it’s a challenge just to be seen and heard recently. Whatever the case, this week you should lead with your worth and make sure your values are clear. Take the time to write out an actual list of what you need if necessary. You know that you have put in the work so believe that you deserve the reward. It’s not just monetary compensation that you need but also respect.

8 sagittarius

Your coworkers are right when they say that you need a real vacation. Yes, your strides lately have been huge: Meal prep? Done. Standing up to your co-worker who thinks they’re your boss (they’re not)? Also done. Building healthy boundaries in your relationship? You are on a roll. But you need to stop confusing a sense of accomplishment with a sense of rest. At the very least, there is a stack of books on your nightstand waiting to be read. Put your phone on airplane mode and read one cover to cover. Trust that you can find your way back to reality.


You are, of course, the most-competent-of-all, dear Capricorn, but this week is a reminder that it is OK to rely on someone else to get the job done. As it becomes clear that you are overcommitted while deadlines loom, relief comes through consolidating worry by focusing on someone else. Take note of the growth that surrounds you: the huge strides made by your friends, your colleagues, even your family. Even though you are feeling off your game, trust that your own development is also recognized.

10 aquarius

If you’re single, what may surprise you is that your sweetie is hidden in plain sight: amidst your already thriving social network. Opportunities to chill with your faves are abundant right now, but don’t take any of these gatherings lightly. Go into every beach excursion, each nostalgic The O.C. viewing, even that overwrought experimental art show, with your best face forward. You never know whom you may meet. Someone random, who was once even a distant enemy (or rooting for someone else on The Bachelor), may turn out to be the love of your life.

11 pisces

You have been excellent at keeping up with your health, dear Pisces. So this week, allow yourself the pleasure of recognition from your dentist. Sure, it might seem like just an annoying humble brag to announce your lack of cavities and sticker for flossing to your followers on Instagram. But the acceptance of your own triumph in the battle of life’s monotonous daily rituals may inspire someone else to up their oral hygiene game and prevent a friend from needing a root canal. Even small wins make a huge difference.

12 aries

Though you are always young at heart, sweet Aries, don’t underestimate the spiritual healing that comes with getting in touch with your inner child. Where did your younger self always want to travel? What did she always want to learn? Whether you block off a few hours this week to research grad schools in Europe, or to re-caulk your shower, be sure to remember that no matter where you are on the journey, you are now living what was once a dream. Keep making your inner child proud.

1 taurus

It’s time to get in touch with your roots. This is the week to heed your mother’s pleas to visit home, finally call your grandma or pony up for that 23andMe test. There is a clue to your future that can only be discovered with someone else’s help: stuck between the pages of a dusty old photo album, in one of your dad’s meandering stories or carved into the wood of your grandparents’ back porch. Though it often seems like nothing happens when you’re not getting ahead, don’t be afraid to invest in your most private self.

2 gemini

So many little details have been getting in the way of you and your lover taking the quick getaway, but things finally come to fruition this week. Take your sister up on her offer to babysit the kids, make a nostalgic Spotify mix (may I suggest the pop hits of 1999?), pack your best snacks and go. Even if it’s only a quick hike in the woods, an afternoon exploring a pleasant river town or an evening at that bougie new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, don’t take the alone time with your beloved for granted. Use this window of opportunity to check in and make sure you’re both communicating your needs. Remember: You can always ask for help.

3 cancer

This week finds you stuck in the trenches, whether it be once again washing all the dishes your roommates failed to actually clean, picking up the pieces of a failed project at work or being the only member of your friend group to stick to Whole30. If you feel abandoned, find solace in that what you are working for is absolutely worth it. You deserve clean dishes, your boss’s accolades and the clarity of a life with no processed sugar (at least for 30 days). It’s you who put in the grunt work so bask in your rewards.



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