Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 18 to 24, 2019

This is the week to write the list, make the plan, and quite literally, put away the laundry. If last week things were too good to be true or too hot to handle, then this week, we must deal with both the bounty and the burn. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship or a new set of bedroom furniture, it’s time to integrate whatever boiled to the surface into our everyday lives.

With Mars (our momentum), Venus (our care) and the sun (our focus) all shifting into down-to-earth Virgo this week, there’s no better time to focus on structure. It’s time not only to get it done, but to get it done well.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

4 leo

Plan for abundance this week. On the 21st, you feel ready for an indulgent shopping spree, but instead of overspending on that Shopbop kimono, best-selling hardcover or prix fixe tasting menu, get creative. Rediscover what’s in your closet, get a library card or make yourself a beautiful work lunch. By the end of the week, you are creating a new budget and planning for long-term financial goals. Frugality is its own reward.

5 virgo

Your birthday season is about to begin so even though you are so often preoccupied with coming to everyone else’s rescue, allow yourself to be worshipped like the goddess you truly are this week. Exhaustion may hit you hard on the 24th and fighting it will only get you sick, so give in—take a bath and buy a fancy serum for your face. Enjoy every moment of care in your daily routine, and you will always be inspired.

6 libra

It’s finally time for a nap, dear Libra. Book a spa weekend, crack open that book on healing crystals or finally start the free trial on that meditation app. After all of the late nights at work, and all the time spent socializing and building your community this summer, you deserve the self-care that is relaxing into the big picture. The opportunities will still be there when you open your eyes.

7 scorpio

If you’ve been putting off something important—your maid-of-honor speech, re-negotiating your lease, a prestigious fellowship application—a cosmic boost on the 21st helps you put the plan into writing. Don’t take this momentum for granted—your reputation is on the line! Your friends are more than willing to help so turn your weekly dinner with your best gal pals into a brainstorm session. Even the most outspoken of the group has solid advice.

8 sagittarius

You have been craving a shift in your career: wanting to do something meaningful rather than something just to get by, something beautiful rather than something mundane. This week, especially by the 23rd, you can finally focus on this goal. As both earned and unexpected leadership opportunities fall into your life so does more responsibility. Attending to all of the details can be overwhelming, but you are more capable of practicality than you know. Push yourself to organize your thoughts (and your desk).


On the 18th, you find yourself not only browsing flights—for a dreamy autumn retreat in Paris or your less-romantic ten-year college reunion—but also creating a budget and itinerary for the trip. Though you would never plan a vacation flippantly, take the time to make sure you are getting the best deal on Airbnb and only going to the restaurants actually worth the splurge. Let the planning of the excursion be just as pleasurable as the time away.

10 aquarius

Though your eccentricities often leave you feeling like you’re better off doing it all by yourself, an exciting partnership on a community project has been brewing all summer, and by the 21st you will be ready to verbally commit. It can be terrifying to negotiate and consider what each member of the team brings to the table, but this week and for all of Virgo season, collaboration is the key to success. Share all of your thoughts, but don’t forget to listen.

11 pisces

Whether you are in the sweet beginnings of a new relationship, engaged or still looking for love, be careful not to fall into the comparison trap this week. Everyone else’s relationships (or lack thereof) may look better on Instagram, but try to remember, they just have a better stylist. Focus your attention instead on caring for your most valued commitments: cook your boyfriend dinner, leave a book you love on your work wife’s desk, water your plants.

12 aries

On the 18th, you may get a not-so-pleasant surprise in your digital or physical inbox: a reminder to pay a parking ticket, an expired passport just before vacation or a hefty bill from the vet. Though it is frustrating to put the rest of your life on hold to deal with bureaucracy, summon all the patience you have and handle the situation with care. By the weekend, you’ll be basking in the glow of a balanced checkbook. Organization can be a thrill.

1 taurus

Do something you love this week, sweet Bull. You have been working so hard: tidying your home, attending to drama with your siblings and keeping yourself on a rigid schedule of self-reflection. This week, especially on the 24th, let yourself feel pleasure for pleasure’s sake: sing karaoke, take the kids to a waterfall, try a new recipe and don’t worry about the calories. Get it on the calendar! You can block off as many hours as you need to have fun.

2 gemini

Your home is filled to the brim with objects that speak to your eclectic knowledge and interests. Over the years, you have amassed valuable collections of niche coffee table books, rare house plants and more top-of-the-line sound equipment than you really need (Spotify on your phone has proved to be enough). This week, dust off the shelves, take inventory and downsize. Your favorite possessions will be more useful when they can actually be seen. And your family, or your roommates, will appreciate the extra space.

3 cancer

This week focus your energies on helping out close to home. If your sister needs assistance moving apartments, or your local coffee shop is in danger of closing due to skyrocketing rents, take the call to action and rent a U-Haul or plan a fundraiser. Though it feels like everything is happening very quickly, enjoy the warmth of reconnecting with a place or person who knows you well. Your calm focus will lift their morale.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer in New York and Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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