Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 11 to 17, 2019

The skies are absolutely buzzing with opportunity this week, so don’t miss the chance to get ahead (or to get down with your freaky self). Abundance reigns as Jupiter finally ends his retrograde, and with Venus and the sun coming together in passionate fire sign Leo, it’s impossible to keep the (potentially dramatic) developments to ourselves.

What’s building throughout the week will culminate on the 15th with a full moon in free-spirited air sign Aquarius. Remember: Full moons are a chance to seize the moment, and in Aquarius, we gotta seize it not just for ourselves but for the collective. There’s always next month if we don’t seal the deal this time, but with all these good vibes, why not now?

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

4 leo

As you are finally feeling settled in the current phase of your career, trust that your achievements won’t fade away if you have fun for one night. Shut your laptop, pour some wine and get funky with date night this week. The full moon on the 15th is an opportune time not only for basking in romance, but for letting your babe know how serious you can be about something other than your job. Test the waters of commitment. You can have your cake and be a power couple, too.

5 virgo

After spending the last week or two blissfully “hard to get ahold of” while at the pool with a great book, big news in your immediate family forces you to return to the real world from airplane mode this week. The full moon on the 15th challenges you to remain poised as you solve a tedious problem with care, whether that’s an ailing parent, a ridiculous medical bill or a forgotten appointment. Remember you handle details best when you are at a remove, so try not to take everything so personally.

6 libra

This week, you finally get a handle on your daily schedule. Hallelujah! Get to that 6 a.m. Pilates class while also blocking out time to laugh over a charcuterie platter with your BFF. You can do all the things, “productive” or not, that make you happy. For the full moon on the 15th, whether it’s an out-of-this-world Instant Pot recipe, a watercolor you made in your spare time or the first edition of your newsletter for moms-to-be, don’t be shy to share what you create with the world.

7 scorpio

Breathe a sigh of relief as the turbulence in your dating life—that flirty run-in with Brad from college was quite the unexpected turn!—finally stabilizes this week. Getting off Tinder gives you extra time, and some extra cash, so spend the full moon on the 15th sprucing up your house. Invest in those long-coveted throw pillows, that Eames chair or the much-needed hanging shelves in the closet. When your home is a true sanctuary, you’ll know which suitors deserve an invitation.

8 sagittarius

You are doing the damn work! You’re writing that 50-page thesis, cooking a roast chicken and learning Spanish for an upcoming trip. But does impressing your professor, in-laws or boyfriend matter if you aren’t taking care of yourself? Whether you schedule a physical, a sound bath or a manicure, focus only on your body and your health this week. Spend the full moon on the 15th as a tourist in your own town, enjoying some everyday pleasures with no expectations beyond getting grounded. Smile as your feet touch the earth.


All year, you have been tossing around ideas for new creative projects, and this week something finally sticks. Falling into an artistic practice helps you not to take everything so seriously, and is a good reminder that not every outcome is under your control. With your mind off the grind, you may get a surprise bonus or simply a thoughtful Starbucks on your desk at work on the 15th. Though you are notorious for brushing off recognition as “nothing,” remember to give yourself credit where it’s due, OK? You certainly earned it.

10 aquarius

So much has been happening at home lately, with you and with your partner, so this week’s influx of social invitations and networking opportunities is a very welcome sweet relief. Never have you ever RSVP’ed so quickly to yet another Leo birthday party—and with such uncharacteristic glee! You are often selective about who gets your advice, but use the full moon in your sign on the 15th to own the spotlight as the sage you are. Your friends desperately need your wisdom, so take pleasure in sharing it.

11 pisces

An avalanche of emails hits your inbox this week as you get long-awaited, and frankly given-up-on, responses from every potential client, collaborator or editor you pitched to back in April. Last week, you felt invisible, and this week, you feel so seen it’s overwhelming. But don’t worry; you can play hard to get, too. The full moon on the 15th falls in your house of rest, so spend the weekend off the grid, carefully deciding who deserves your attention. No matter what, you win.

12 aries

Not exactly known for your patience, this week you are determined to set long-term goals. Decide not only where you want to be, but how you want to get there—by the end of the month, by the end of the year. Reward yourself for the hard work with a cheat day and a Netflix binge. And for the full moon on the 15th, make yourself seen—be social, go to a party or an event you normally would have said no to, and let the world around you in on your visions. Your community wants to see you thrive.

1 taurus

You have taken “new year, new me” quite literally in 2019, and this week, you must pause to reflect on how much both your outlook and your hair shape have changed. Update your daily rituals and rearrange your living space to reflect this metamorphosis. On the 15th, use the full moon energy to put yourself out there in a way you wouldn’t have thought to last year—apply for the residency, host the book club, ask for the promotion. Trust that others are also in awe of your transformation.

2 gemini

A joint business venture or new freelance contract that was once just a whisper gains momentum this week—clients are ready, investors are writing checks, and there’s even someone to do bookkeeping, so don’t let all of the annoying details discourage you from embarking on this very rewarding journey. Spend the full moon on the 15th setting up your work space not just for now, but for future success. Troubleshoot the printer and keep all the books you need on hand. It’s wise to put everything in its right place.

3 cancer

You have done the thankless work this summer of letting go of belongings and remembering that what you own doesn’t define you. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are forever banned from acquiring more stuff. On the 13th, and during the full moon on the 15th especially, get yourself a gift or accept something curated by a beloved friend—whether it’s high-quality speakers, a succulent to care for or a new set of ceramic bowls, choose things that will enliven your entire environment. Appreciate the full spectrum of what “sparks joy.”



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