5 Unique Ways Our Editors Are Celebrating Valentine’s Day This Year

It’s easy for Valentine’s Day to start feeling like a yearly step-and-repeat (if you’ve seen any rom-com ever, you’ll likely know what we mean). So we chatted with a few of our editors to get the scoop on how they choose to celebrate the day. Read on for some fun ideas that won’t make you feel like [insert protagonist #1].

valentines day care package
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“My sister and I always send each other care packages with our favorite childhood candies and those cheesy valentine cards meant for grade schoolers. Temporary tattoos are usually involved.” —Katherine G., assistant editor

“I have been known to decorate a Valentine’s Day tree, which is really just my Christmas tree that I haven’t gotten rid of yet. Is it a fire hazard by February? Probably. Does it make me smile to put heart garland and blinking red lights on a tree? Definitely.” —Phil M., senior editor, trends and entertainment

valentines day dove chocoalte baking

“I like to celebrate by baking something special. I don’t normally bake (because, hello, self-control), but I always make an exception on Valentine’s Day and I use it as an excuse to experiment with dessert recipes. This year I’ve got my eye on molten chocolate lava cakes, which I’ll make using Dove Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Hearts (they make all the difference).” —Cristina G., senior editor

valentines day heart pizza

“Every year my wife and I spend Valentine’s Day where we had our first date, which is a neighborhood pizzeria. It’s never crowded and we aren’t surrounded by an array of couples. It’s intimate, unpretentious and totally us. Plus, pizza.” —Matt B., senior podcast producer 

“My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 because we’re usually so busy, plus my birthday and Christmas come right before. So instead, we each pick a random day during the year to surprise each other. Last year I surprised him with dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, and he surprised me with a hilarious new board game for us to play together. It’s so much more fun celebrating throughout the year than keeping chocolates and roses strictly to one day in February.” —Abby H., associate editor

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