We’re Calling It: Trampolining Is the Trendiest Workout of the Year

Trampolining San Francisco - A white woman dressed in workout gear jumps on a mini trampoline in a workout studio. You can see their reflection in a mirror at the front of the studio.

Any fans of the now-shuttered Burn studios in San Francisco (RIP, dear friend) will remember founder Lisa Corsello and her heart-pumping hybrid workout mixing cardio, Pilates and strength training. Since closing Burn during the pandemic, Lisa has become a certified holistic coach and somatic therapist and is currently in a master's program for counseling psychology. With a better understanding of how emotions impact our bodies, she felt compelled to create more than just a physical workout. So she launched Regulate, a new trampoline and mat movement studio that combines a dynamic full-body workout with principles of somatic therapy to support mental health.

During her 45-minute classes, you’ll bounce, shake, sculpt, crunch and sweat in this small group workout that also helps release stress and anxiety. Not to mention it’s a great way to let loose and embrace your inner kiddo.

Trampoline Workout San Francisco - A photograph of inside Regulate Studio. It features a number of mini trampolines, white walls, a wooden shelving unit, and the Regulate logo on the back wall.

Need some convincing? A growing body of research confirms that trampolining (also known as rebounding) is one of the most efficient, effective forms of exercise, and The New York Times and NASA agree. Just 10 minutes of bouncing burns more calories than 30 minutes of running … and what’s not to love about that? Astronauts are even doing it to build bone density and muscle mass, improve their balance and build cardio fitness. And there's a theory that bouncing helps your lymphatic system too. Alright, we’re calling it: trampolining will be the trendiest workout of the year. Here, Lisa shares her top 5 reasons to give bouncing a try.

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Lisa’s Top 5 Reasons to Bounce

1. It’s a high-intensity but low-impact movement. Rebounding is an efficient cardio exercise that really gets your heart rate up but is much gentler on your body and joints than higher-impact movements like running or jumping on hard surfaces. The trampoline’s elastic surface absorbs shock so there's less pressure on your joints, reducing the risk of soreness and injury especially as we get older.

2. You’re using your core the entire time. Rebounding is an incredible workout for your core. Whether you’re bouncing or doing slower, more targeted moves while lying down on the trampoline, you’re working it the whole time.

3. The supportive surface meets you where you are. The rebounder moves with you, whether you’re having a low and slow day or feeling more energetic. And unlike the ground, the rebounder’s forgiving surface accommodates your structure and preserves the integrity of your spine. It’s both therapeutic and impactful. 

4. Rebounding improves balance. Because bouncing is done barefoot, you’re building the small muscles in your feet and ankles that you don’t necessarily work every day. This helps improve your dynamic balance, which can lower the risk of falls as you get older, and can also relieve pain in other areas like your knees.

5. It builds strength, especially for your pelvic floor. Moms, we hear you. Jumping (or laughing or sneezing or coughing) might make you pee a little. But in this class, you’re bouncing low (not jumping) and using our cores to stabilize so you won’t need to run straight to the bathroom during class. This kind of movement builds your pelvic floor muscles and can ultimately help with bladder control.  

So, are you ready to give bouncing a try?

Sign up for a studio class and see what the hype is all about. If you’re not near the San Francisco studio but have a trampoline at home (since so many of us bought them during the pandemic), check out Lisa’s video library (3-day free trial) for rebounder workouts you can do at home. If you only have a mat, she has a free video for that, too.

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