'Together in Wellness' Virtual Roundtable

Ever wonder if you’re taking the right probiotic? (FYI: Women need a different one than men.) How about a multivitamin? Or maybe you’re curious what’s really going on with all this collagen hype? Well, lucky for you we’ve got answers...and they’re coming straight from the experts.

On January 26, PureWow partnered with Renew Life, Rainbow Light, Natural Vitality and NeoCell to host a virtual roundtable to discuss all things health for 2021. Hosted by professional softball player A.J. Andrews, the panel of experts included Certified Nutritional Consultant for Clorox, Maggie Johnle, Clorox microbiologist Allison Gregg, research scientist Erica Sonnenburg, physician Dr. Lauren Powell and nutritionist LeeAnn Weintraub, MPH RD.

Watch the roundtable below and start your year with a solid wellness plan.

angela pares

VP, Design + Branded Content

Angela Pares is the VP of Design + Branded Content at Gallery Media Group, where she oversees the ideation and execution of sponsored content campaigns across PureWow, ONE37pm and...