4 Tips for Stomach Sleepers

Roll over, stat

Attention stomach sleepers: While we completely understand the urge to face-plant onto your bed after a long day, you might not want to actually fall asleep this way. Between the neck and back strain it causes and the premature wrinkling from smooshing your cheeks into the pillow, it’s highly advisable to train yourself to sleep on your side or back. Though the first few days will be a little awkward, the reward (better-quality sleep and a happier spine) will be well worth it.

5 Tips for Side Sleepers

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Wait For The Right Timing

Start off on your stomach, since that is what you’re used to doing. Then, when your eyelids get heavy and you feel yourself dozing off, gently roll your body over to one side.

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Swap Out Your Pillow

Try an orthopedic one made with memory foam. These types of pillows actually feel better when you’re lying on your back or side. Look for one with supportive contours that will keep your neck stable throughout the night.

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And Add A Body Pillow

If you’re still having trouble falling asleep, add a body pillow to hug between your legs. It will help align your spine so you’re more comfortable, while also giving you that sense of warmth and security you get from sleeping on your belly. Not to mention that it will physically block you from turning onto your stomach as you sleep.

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Enlist Some Help

Ask your partner to nudge or roll you over to your side or back whenever he catches you snoozing on your stomach. When it’s a team effort, you’ll be less likely to slip back into old habits.

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