The 7 Most Annoying Yoga Instructors We've All Had

From the philosopher to the handsy adjuster

It’s happened to everyone--you’ve carved out an hour all to yourself, and then some new instructor announces she's subbing for your usual favorite. Then she proceeds to press your buttons as she keeps talking, preening or showing off. Here, seven of the worst offenders…which ones have you endured?

1. The Pretzel

We understand you’ve spent years honing your craft, and that you’re maybe even naturally double jointed. But after seeing you accordion yourself that way, our touching our palms to the floor while standing up--you know, which took us six months to achieve--doesn’t seem like such an accomplishment.

2. The Sexy Centerfold

We can’t decide which we like more, your motorcycle, your tattoos or your animal magnetism. You’re fun, but we can’t help giggling out of our tree pose whenever you look at us.

3. The Handsy Adjuster

We appreciate you sidling up next to us and aligning our triangle pose, and even the way you use your body weight to push our back down when we’re folded over to touch our knees. But maybe you could at least buy us dinner first?

4. The Philosopher

We are so, so happy you like to recite all those sutras and want to share how they have helped you with your life. But could you maybe, umm, pipe down and get moving already? We need to get our sweat on.

5. The Drill Sergeant

We respect the way you seem to see our physical and spiritual potential, but if we’d wanted to hear “pain is only a temporary state of being,” we’d have rolled into Barry’s Bootcamp instead.

yoga showoff

6. The Show-off

We’re pretty sure this pose is something called “peacock,” and while we can appreciate a sideshow as well as the next circus-goer, we’re in yoga class now. You know, one filled with regular people who just want to stretch a little.

7. The Aqua Show-off

All your class members are very excited to show off our new swimsuits, but jeez, lady, way to one-up us in your bikini, in backbend, on a slippery board that’s bouncing on waves. We thought this was an intro class...

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