The One Thing People in Happy Relationships Do Every Week

the one thing happy couples do

There’s no harm in loving a good routine—you and your partner get home from work, cook dinner while chatting about your day and then hunker down on the couch. It’s your weeknight thing. Only, after doing this so many times in a row, any attempts at romance start to become an afterthought and being attached at the hip suddenly becomes less cute and lot more “Get your own blanket.”

So what do couples do to stay happy? It’s actually pretty simple: They have separate friends with separate interests, and they connect with them individually at least once a week.

Why does it work? Because time spent with other people helps you build a better sense of self in your relationship, which gives you personal fulfillment. Both of those things together make you a generally happier person. Time away from your partner also helps you remember all the reasons why you actually do love being with them.

Now, when you are together there will be less phubbing, less annoyance over the little things and a whole lot more joy from your quality time. So, go ahead and schedule that paint and sip night with your buds. For happiness’ sake.

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