7 Summer Wellness Essentials to Save Your Skin, Hair and Sanity

As ready as we are for lazy days at Main Beach, we’re less thrilled about the havoc wreaked on our body by copious amounts of sun, salt and chlorine. That’s why we’re stocking up on lip balms to protect our pout, soaps to soothe our skin and even a tea that Hamptons locals swear will keeps ticks at bay. Consider these products your vacation lifesavers.

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sanara purple brazilian facial soap bar
Courtesy of Sanara Skincare

Purple Brazilian Facial Soap Bar

These soaps from Austin-based Sanara are almost too pretty to use. Almost. Soft to the touch, they’re packed with all-natural moisturizing ingredients and Brazilian clay that will help prevent your skin from absorbing impurities. Just what we need after a day of too much sun (and, OK, rosé).

Sanara ($24)

figue d ete bottle lis

Figue D'ete Hand And Body Lotion

Made with honey and olive oil, this silky lotion is like a soothing drink of moisture for your skin. Massage it all over after a day outside.

Bastide ($45)

tetra sunscreen priori
Priori Skincare

Tetra Sunscreen

Available starting Memorial Day weekend, this new sunscreen will be your savior for long days at the beach. It’s packed with layers of minerals to shield your sun from UV radiation and it won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Priori ($90)

sweatwellth lip quench blue

Lip Quench

Pucker up with moist, lovely lips all summer long. Lip Quench helps prevent the dry, chapped lips that can result from spending days in the heat, and soothes and restore moisture to lips that are already chapped.

SweatWELLth ($13)

sake bomb list

Sake Bomb

Healthy, hydrated hair at the beach is possible. Blowout favorite Drybar’s Sake Bomb shampoo will put the moisture and shine back into salt-stripped strands. Plus, that vanilla-jasmine scent is so soothing.

Drybar ($24)

lafco candles list straight

Lafco Candle

This new line of candles has all the notes to make your summer rental feel like a luxe spa. Housed inside hand-blown glass, the candles look as good as they smell. Our top scents are the peppy Champagne with hints of grapefruit and the airy Sea & Dune that lets us bring the beach home with us.

Lafco ($65)

tea leaves detox

No.805 Detox Cistus Incanus Tea

Hot on a chilly morning or over ice for a refreshing drink after a day in the sun, this mild, berry-like herbal tea from Southampton’s Plain-T is what we want to drink all summer. Full of antioxidants, the tea purports to boost your immune system and your complexion. Long Island natives swear by its ability to naturally repel ticks.

Plain-T ($15)

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