A New Study Says We'd All Be Happier If We Worked 6-Hour Days

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It's no secret that finding a fulfilling and sustainable work-life balance is hard.

But a promising new study in Sweden suggests that one solution could be something we've long suspected: Working less. 

In the study, employees worked six hours per day instead of eight, with no pay cut. A recent check-in with the participants showed sharp decreases in absenteeism, as well as increases in productivity and worker health. The idea is that when you work less, you're happier and less resentful of the time you're putting in, so the quality of your work increases despite shorter hours.  

While a country-wide adoption of a 30-hour workweek seems difficult to see in the States, we certainly intend to forward the study to our bosses. 

Plus, imagine all the books you could tackle with those extra ten hours. (OK fine. Netflix shows.)

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