8 Secrets of Women Who Never Seem to Get Tired

Hint: It's not caffeine

Your perky colleague Betty begins each day with a 5 a.m. workout. After that, she’s like the energizer bunny--shuttling the kids to school, working 9 to 5, racing home to make dinner, helping with homework, chatting with her hubby and, hell, even blogging. Here, how Betty (and other high-energy women) do it.

Secrets of Women Who Are Always in a Good Mood

They Work Out

Usually, when you feel sluggish, that pre-dawn spin class is the first thing you skip. But exercise--especially first thing in the morning--can actually boost your energy levels and decrease stress, a known energy-zapper. (Endorphins!)

They Watch Cat Videos

Science says: When you hit an afternoon lull, spending as little as three minutes watching a hilarious YouTube clip is enough to revive your energy and boost your productivity levels, too.

They Focus On Something They're Looking Forward To

Spring vacation in Greece. Pizza Friday. Your energy levels react to experiences (even small ones) that you’re excited about. Pinpoint daily moments that you can’t wait for, and then keep your eyes on the prize during every task.

They Go Outside

Even if it’s a two-minute run to the drugstore to buy a Diet Coke. A change of scenery (and a bit of fresh air) matters and helps reduce the chances you’ll feel groggy.

They Prioritize "me Time"

Whether it’s an extra-long shower or spending 20 minutes reading a book, women with energy know that doing something that’s just for them--not for their kids, their hubby or their boss--is the best way to supply a natural rush.


They Stay Hydrated

Drink enough per day (nutritionists recommend an ounce for every pound you weigh) and it’s more powerful than five cups of joe. Not kidding.

They Disconnect

Blame the blue light…and the emails and the pop-ups and the Snapchats. Too much uninterrupted technology can cause energy levels to wane. Set a timer and watch in awe at how much you can accomplish simply by ignoring your phone.

They Fake It A Teensy Tiny Bit

So, you took a ten-minute power nap beneath your desk during lunch. No one has to know.

Still Feeling Tired?

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