The One Workout Series (and Shoe) We’re Swapping In to Keep Things Fresh

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After day, oh, one million of trying to stay healthy indoors (by our internal calculations), we’d put money on the fact that your workout routine might be feeling pretty stale. Heck, maybe you’re just now getting into the idea of a routine. Major applause, by the way. Regardless of which camp you fall in, you need to know about the Les Mills x Reebok Nano Series workouts. We’re breaking it down by answering all of the questions currently popping into your head, below.

What is Les Mills? 

Les Mills is a global leader in creating fitness content that’s backed by science and presented by the world’s top trainer talent. Les Mills is also the creator of LES MILLS On Demand, a fitness platform that offers tons of high-burn workouts, from HIIT to barre and even youth classes. On a mission to make people fall in love with fitness, they create the world’s best workouts that are available in clubs around the world or anywhere on-demand.

Cool. And how does Reebok fit into this? 

Les Mills and Reebok are the ultimate fitness partners, and together they’ve created an ongoing, co-branded fitness range. We’ve mentioned the Nano Series workouts already—these came about as a way to celebrate the exciting launch of the new Les Mills co-branded Reebok Nano X1 shoe. It’s been perfected over a decade by elite athletes to provide the versatility and mobility wearers need to move freely between workouts, and of course, life in general. It’s a joining of two forces in the fitness world, resulting not only in an incredible shoe, but also in a pretty exciting workout that’s likely the answer to your routine rut (more on that in a bit). 

What are the classes like? 

There are three classes, all based in HIIT, strength and core training. And while you’ll get a taste for them below, we can’t encourage you enough to try them for yourself with the free 30-day trial. You never know how much you’ll enjoy something until you feel that satisfying burn for yourself, right?

LES MILLS GRIT Nano Series: High-intensity moves, staple LES MILLS GRIT exercises and fresh combinations are all packed in to this 30-minute HIIT workout. It’s a heart-pumping session that will drive a faster fitness response and improve your overall athletic performance. 

BODYPUMP Nano Series: If you’re into resistance and lifting, this one’s for you. It combines standard lifting and dynamic modern functional movements to tone, shape and strengthen while elevating your heart rate and promoting long-term fat burn. The vibe is cool and low-key, and is perfect for new participants. But rest assured, seasoned pros looking to mix up their regular workouts will enjoy this session too. 

LES MILLS CORE Nano Series: Core is king, and the third workout in this series is designed to stimulate and test your core strength for improved definition and sports performance. It’s the ultimate scientific session—one that mixes up new and favorite Les Mills core exercises and throws them at you multiple times within the workout. Oh, and the beats in the background will keep you mentally and physically tuned in while you sweat. 

So, you’re probably beginning to understand why we’re all in on the Nano Series workouts and new Nano X1 shoe right now...and just between us, we could never resist a 30-day free trial.


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