5 Soothing Ways to Get Your Beauty Sleep This Week

Greetings, fellow sleep lovers. Did you know that we’re right in the middle of National Sleep Awareness Week? To celebrate, we’re bringing you five products that will help you snooze more successfully, from an eye mask that always stays put to the coziest socks, like, ever.

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Night Pillow

Made with 95 percent mulberry silk (and 5 percent spandex), this self-adjusting memory foam pillow supports your head and neck like nobody’s business. Plus, it uses a more porous memory foam that helps air circulate. The black silk cover is made to absorb light, retain skin moisture and prevent hair breakage. (OK, yes, $150 is a lot to spend on a pillow, but the company does have a 101 Night Sleep Trial, which guarantees that if you’re not satisfied after 101 sleeps, you’re entitled to a full refund.)

Night ($150)

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

If you’re not sure about splurging on that fancy Night pillow, consider this far more affordable spray. Spritz this aromatherapeutic blend of lavender and vetiver (known as the “oil of tranquility”) onto your pillows before bed and absorb the calm, soothing scent and vibes.

This Works ($29)

Shhh Silk Eye Mask

What makes you look like a fancy rich lady in a movie while helping you get a better night’s sleep? A silk eye mask, of course. ShhhSilk’s version is made from pure mulberry silk for maximum softness. Its band also strikes the perfect balance between being so tight that it creates a dent in your hair and so loose that it falls off. Our biggest sleep mask challenge, solved.

ShhhSilk ($49)

Doterra Lavender Essential Oil

Ready to relax? Lavender oil does more than just signal to your body that it’s sleepy time. It contains a naturally occurring chemical called linalool, which helps balance your emotions and works as an antidepressant, too. (Great for when your mind won’t stop racing.) To feel its effects, add a few drops to your pillows, bedding or the bottoms of your feet at bedtime. For a double-dose of relaxation, apply the oil after taking a bath with a fizzy lavender bath bomb from Fizz & Bubble.

doTerra ($28)

Barefoot Dreams Socks

FYI, Oprah Winfrey has a Barefoot Dreams robe, and she’s obsessed: “It is the softest robe I've ever felt. It's like a baby blanket for adults!” But since you probably don’t wear robes for sleeping, the next best thing is the brand’s sock collection. In seven soothing colors, these snuggly socks will keep your feet cozy but not aggressively hot.

Barefoot Dreams ($15)

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