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The Sneakiest Way to Show Your Spouse Some Surprise Love

Temperature check: When was the last time you did something sexy and unexpected for your partner? (Ahem, if you're still thinking about it, the answer is much too long ago.) Allow us to suggest a midweek spice-up: Get dolled up and pick them up from work.

Sound like a simple fix? That's because it is. It's like, the lowest-lift yet sweepingly-romantic gesture of all time—harkening back to the sweet, early days of courtship and reaffirming that, yes, you've still got that spark, baby.

Picture this: Your wife is packing up her bag, getting ready for her ho-hum commute home when in you stroll, wearing that outfit she loves so much, no less. Now that you've successfully ambushed your sweetie, make a mini date of it by taking the long way home or stopping into a dive bar for a cocktail and face-to-face catch-up. 

Think spontaneity left your relationship after kid two? Think again. 

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