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Resting Bitch Face Has a Cousin, and Were All Guilty of It

You’re usually a pro at telling a white lie. How could you admit to your best friend you don’t actually like her new bangs? But sometimes, our face gives it all away. You know the look--furrowed brows, raised chin and pressed lips.

Well, apparently you’re not alone. There’s a scientific name for it: the “not face.”

Yep, according to a new study published in Cognition, the “not face” is an expression of puzzlement and judgment that’s universal across all languages and cultures (even sign language).

Scholars believe the facial expression was a non-verbal step before language. It’s your face’s instinctive Ummm, no response to your hairstylist’s question, “Should we do bangs?”

So no matter where you travel across the world, know you’ll always be at home among people’s silent but visible disapproval.

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