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Valentine’s Day has become a touch predictable in our opinion. Embarrassing deliveries at work, stressful candle-lit dinner planning…been there, done that. So this year, shake things up a bit by stepping out of your comfort zone (or back into it, depending on your approach). We tapped three PureWow editors for outside-the-box ideas on how to enjoy the holiday without giving in to played-out traditions. Here’s their advice.

woman reading valentines card
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Relying on Mass-Produced Greeting Cards

Of course it’s the thought that counts, but a generic drugstore card can become a crutch that takes away from the personal sentiment it’s supposed to deliver. Rather than buy a card someone else wrote, take inspiration from this tradition from senior SEO editor Alexia:

“My husband and I have been making our own Valentine’s Day cards for seven years instead of buying them. It’s so fun to see how they’ve progressed over the years (my first one hilariously looked like a ransom note because I used newspaper letters to spell “I love you”) and to look back on what we were doing at that time. Last year we both made ones themed around buying a house, and this year I’m planning to do something baby-related since we’re expecting a little one this summer. It’s really nice to see the personal touch that we each put into our cards.”

Dove Chocolate

Waiting for That Special Delivery

Getting a special surprise on Valentine’s Day can be fun, sure. But there’s something satisfying about giving yourself that joy versus relying on someone else (because, you know, they might forget). So why not do just that? It’s exactly what Rachel, our associate managing editor, does and she’s encouraging you to try it:

“Even though I very much appreciate the beautiful bouquet of flowers my fiancé gives me every year, I enjoy treating myself to a little something sweet, like DOVE® Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Hearts. We’ve been together for almost 11 years, and buying my own chocolate serves as a nice reminder that I’m able to maintain a positive relationship with myself after all these years of being in a partnership. Basically, if you want the chocolate, get the chocolate.”

cookie dough with rolling pin

Leaving Everything Up to Your Partner

Who knows when it started, but there’s that awkward expectation that Valentine’s Day plans fall on one person in the relationship. Which is kind of a lot of unnecessary pressure. Lifestyle director Angela believes February 14th should be more of a joint effort, and we couldn’t agree more:

“This year, we’re going on a food tour of sorts. Essentially, my husband and I are ‘assigned’ a certain part of the meal (drinks, heavy apps and dessert) and we’re each responsible for choosing where to go. We’re trying to keep the restaurants in the same general area so we aren’t bopping all over the city, but it’s a really fun way to switch up our normal dinner routine—and it’s a great excuse to try all the new places on our list.”

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