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Quiz: What’s Your Most Toxic Trait?

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Life is hard. And sometimes we slip into patterns of behavior that aren’t that great. In fact, some (mental health experts) might say these behaviors are toxic, ruining relationships and arresting our own growth and potential. But pinpointing our own shortcomings can help us stop toxic behavior in its tracks. So, what’s your toxic trait? Answer these seven questions to find out.


You Just Had *the Worst Day Ever.* What Happened?

Your BFF brought a new friend to game night without asking you first.

There are no bad days! Every day is an opportunity to grow!

You just couldn’t get anything done! Between work and family, there are too many things to juggle.

Uh, where do you begin? It all started when the barista got your order wrong (again)…


If You Were A Tv Character, You’d Be:


Olivia Pope


Hannah Horvath


Kimmy Schmidt

BBC America

Eve Polastri


Lucille Bluth


Kelli Prenny


A Guest Wears A White Dress To Your Wedding. You:

Roll your eyes

Tell her how amazing she looks and take a photo with her

Start hatching a plan to get her another dress ASAP

Poke fun of it in your toast to the guests


The Number-one Reason You Text Your Friends Is To:

Complain about everything (duh)

Check in and be supportive no matter what


Make sure they know you’re still alive since you’re so busy


Which Movie Are You Watching Tonight?



IFC Films


Warner Bros. Pictures

A Star Is Born

20th Century Fox

The Hate U Give

Warner Bros. Pictures

Crazy Rich Asians


Lady Bird


Words You Live By:

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

“This too shall pass.”

“Yolo” & “Fomo”

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent” – Madeline Albright


Pick A Regina George:

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures


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