Movement, Meditation and Mocktails: Inside Melissa Wood-Tepperberg's Wellness Routine

When Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, aka “Melissa Wood Health” started sharing workout videos from her living room in 2015, the wellness empire she created had just begun. Now, Wood-Tepperberg is a bona fide leader of healthy living, and through her own intentional practice and routine has transformed her life while taking us along for the ride. From her inspiring messages on Instagram, to the quick and efficient classes featured on her coveted app (five minute arm series, we're looking at you!) Wood-Tepperberg has created a world where wellness is both accessible, and fun. Ahead, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg reveals the routine that has her feeling her best–and we’ll have what she’s having, please.

On the Power of Movement

“Prioritizing my practice and the things that make me feel centered, strong and aligned is what enables me to show up fully in my life,” Wood-Tepperberg says. As a partner in Athleta’s new experiential fitness series, Move with Athleta, the fitness entrepreneur is no stranger to the value of movement as a way to feel empowered, both on and off the mat. "After I spend the morning with my kids and drop them off at school, then it’s my time to move. I film a workout every day, and sometimes I'll go for a walk, too. I’ve been obsessed with wearing the Elation Tights & matching Solace Bra from Athleta during my flows."

On Prioritizing Mindfulness

"I like to wake up at 5:45 a.m. and meditate for 20 minutes. It sounds long, but I built up this practice over time. I guide myself internally exactly how I guide my community through my MWH app. It’s the same essence, and really is what works for me.” Wood-Tepperberg tells us. “If I’m feeling particularly anxious, I’ll do Erika’s Kundalini meditation that we have, or breathwork,” she adds. “If I had to choose between meditation and movement, it would be meditation all the way – it’s a daily non-negotiable and oftentimes I find that once you meditate, it’s easier for your mind to find space in the day to move your body.”

On Her Favorite Wellness Recipes

“I make a killer crunchy salad – it’s my favorite recipe. I bring it to all of our family dinners, and everyone loves it and craves it. It’s amazing for gut health, and pairs well with my Simple Salad Dressing, which is also optimal for digestion and just tastes delicious.” Wood-Teppererg reveals. And for those of considering Dry January around the corner, the wellness icon broke down her mocktail of choice. “I love Seedlip, which is a clean non-alcoholic spirit, mixed with club soda, lemon, and lime. It’s the best.”

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