3 Ways to Deal When You’re Married to a Capricorn

Congratulations! You’ve settled down with one of the most mature, stable signs in the zodiac. Capricorns make excellent committed partners, and they tend to build things that last. But how does the sign that loves to work work in a marriage? We rounded up some tips to help you deal if you’re shacked up with a Capricorn.

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Nurture Your Own Interests

Capricorns tend to favor an independent model of partnership, with two well-rounded adults contributing equally to the marriage. They like to be proud of their spouses and love nothing more than to see them succeed on their own terms. It can be tempting to go with the flow and lose yourself in a relationship, even when it’s going well, but this is anathema to a Capricorn union. They are as invested in their partner’s well-being as they are in their own, and when you’re married to one, your wins are their wins. So go win one for the team.

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Trust Their Intuition

Capricorns are known for being disciplined and strategic, but there’s a lot more softness than science to their methods. Their intuition tends to be sharp and sophisticated, and it often leads to wise and prudent decision-making. In a marriage, they are keenly attuned to their partner’s emotions and will somehow always know when things are getting stale and the difference between a big fight and a little spat. Trust their gut when it says it’s time for a little marital getaway—their gut is (usually) right!

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Divide The Labor—physical And Emotional

Capricorns thrive on organization and efficiency. The same rules that make a business work will serve a strong marriage, and they understand that intimately. When your partner is a Capricorn, they appreciate having a concrete role that utilizes their skills and talents—and vice versa. So that could extend to chores (résumé says they are fluent in laundry and dishes, not so much in vacuuming) as well as emotional labor (lean on them for advice with friends, but not so much with workplace drama). Whatever their strengths, they will bring it 100 percent to the marriage. You’ll be responsible for the other 100 percent. 

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