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Quiz: How Divorce-Proof Is Your Marriage?

marriage quiz

Every marriage will have its ups and downs. But how do you know if yours will last the test of time? You could—and should—of course visit a licensed therapist for professional advice and guidance. But you could also just take this really quick, super-scientific (not really) quiz and see where you stand right now. Hey, why not?


Your Spouse Is Complaining About A Rude Co-worker. What’s Your Listening Face?


The Co-worker Story Goes On Forever. So You…

Keep your mouth shut while planning dinner in your head

Ask related questions intermittently

Stay quiet and think about what new facts you’re learning about your spouse


You Love Pottery. Your Partner Hates It (but Loves Martial Arts). Pick A Perfect Weeknight:


Your Sex Life Is A Bit Lackluster These Days. So You…

Buy a sexy new pair of underwear…that maybe your spouse will notice?

Keep mum, and carry on

Book a surprise, romantic getaway for two

Buy a sexy new pair of underwear…and show it off


You Got In A Blow-out Fight. You’re Both A Fault. What’s The Most Likely Next Step?

You apologize, even if your spouse didn’t apologize first

You give your spouse the silent treatment

Your spouse apologizes first, and you then you follow suit

You both don’t speak to each other until you have to


How Regularly Do You Feel Gratitude Toward Your Spouse?



I don’t remember…


Your Spouse Tries—but Fails—to Solve A Problem For You. What’s Your Reaction?


It’s Date Night. Which Image Most Reflects You Two?