4 Surprising Ways to Gift Manuka Honey This Holiday Season

If you’re not familiar with the powerhouse natural ingredient that is Manuka Honey, let us fill you in: It’s a special type of honey derived from the Manuka flower, which only blooms a few weeks a year in the forest of New Zealand. It’s been used for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits for centuries, and for the last 47 years, Comvita has been perfecting their beekeeping craft to source and bottle Manuka Honey so that people like us can reap the numerous health benefits.

What are those benefits, specifically? Think immune support, digestive and gut health, skincare, sweetness—yeah, it’s a pretty multifaceted thing. Which is exactly what makes Comvita Manuka Honey such a fun and unexpected gift. Below, four gift bundle ideas that bring out the best of the Manuka Honey experience for the people in your life guaranteed to love it the most.

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Sofia Kraushaar

For The One Who Starts Each Day With A Smoothie

Skipping breakfast? Not on their watch. In fact, they take the most important meal of the day to the next level by whipping up a healthy smoothie to start it off right. Make it that much better by gifting them Comvita Manuka Honey for an antioxidant-, prebiotic-packed punch. Something to mix it with, drink it from and drink it through wouldn’t hurt, either.

If you’re curious about the ratings, here’s the deal: The UMF™ (Unique Manuka Factor) trademark was established by the Unique Manuka Factor™ Honey Association (UMFHA). The UMF™ grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka Honey, and assures purity and quality. UMF™ 5+ is a Manuka Honey that’s derived predominately from the Manuka flower with no other added honeys.

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Sofia Kraushaar

For The One Who Savors A Good Cup Of Tea

We also love Manuka Honey stirred into a hot cup of tea as a sugar replacement…and we’re sure the tea sipping, snuggle-loving giftee on your list will too. Toss in a couple of supporting treats—like a sweet puzzle, responsibly sourced tea leaves and extra cozy socks—to round it out.

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Sofia Kraushaar

For The One Who Lives For A Beauty Diy

Mix the Manuka Honey into a homemade mask for skin-brightening benefits, or use it alone as an antibacterial face mask for acne-prone skin. Either way, it’s a hero skincare product that has us questioning if there’s anything it can’t do. Your DIY, clean-beauty-loving friend will appreciate this sustainably made ingredient in a gift basket with a few other items that’ll make her new-and-improved masking adventures a piece of cake.

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Sofia Kraushaar

For The One Who Never Skips A Workout

The nectar of the Manuka flower contains unique health properties, making it nature’s most powerful honey. The Comvita blend specifically is raw, wild, unpasteurized, Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified gluten-free. The Multifloral Manuka Honey contains a deliciously creamy blend of honey from the Manuka flower and other New Zealand wildflowers for an extra flavorful taste. It’s also a natural pre-workout energy boost, and it’s recommended to eat a spoonful (or the equivalent of a teaspoon) as a healthy ritual before exercising. Encourage your workout-loving buddy to keep up their new wellness habit by taking note of the routine in this handy wellness journal.

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