This Biodegradable Pregnancy Test Is the First Flushable Test on the Market

We never thought we’d see the day when a biodegradable (and flushable) pregnancy test would hit the market. And now that it has, we can’t believe no one has thought of it sooner.

Called Lia, the test is environmentally friendly and 99 percent accurate. According to the website, Lia is “engineered to be discreet and better for the environment, without sacrificing accuracy.”

Like any other home pregnancy test—just without plastic—it’s simple to use. Just pee on the test for five seconds, lay it on a flat surface, remove the tear tab and see your results. When you're done, you can flush it down the toilet. The best part? It retails for just $14 for a two-pack, ships for free and comes in a variety of packaging, including an extra-discreet option so no one will even know that it is a test.

We should also mention that Lia has received a ton of positive reviews online (over 47 on their website alone). One user wrote, “This test is amazing. Easy to use, fast results, and nothing left in the waste bin when you're done. I had no issues flushing the test after use. And the non-judgmental packaging is a major bonus!”

Even one of PureWow’s own had stellar reviews after using the product and documented it online for us. Watch the full video above.

This. Is. Genius.