You Can Now Get New Lenses for Any Brand of Glasses for Only $69

lens replacement

Oh no, you lost/broke/cracked a lens to your fave pair of glasses and now they need replacing? We’ve all been there.

Don’t fret—you don’t have to make time to stop at your local optical retailer for lens replacements or break the bank, for that matter. You can now get new lenses for any brand of glasses affordably (and quickly) from LensDirect for $69. And yes, that includes shipping. 

Here’s the deal. The simple-to-use online interface allows consumers to replace existing damaged lenses from their brand name sunglasses (or eyeglasses) by choosing from a range of prescription and non-prescription options. 

Pretty much all you have to do is place your order online, send in your frames and wait for your new lenses to be delivered to your door. 

While placing your order, select between prescription, reading and non-prescription (including clear, sunglass and blue light) lenses. Then select your prescription type: single vision, progressive or bifocal. Next, choose your lens type and select any upgrades you might want, such as hydrophobic coating or blue-light blocking (some options cost extra). That's it. Ordering new lenses is now just as simple as ordering dinner via Seamless.

Even more, PureWow readers can get an extra 40 percent off on replacements using code: purewow. 

First mail order contacts, now online lens replacements? We’re never going back. 

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