Groceries and a Flu Shot? Kroger Health Makes It Easy to Get Both

Real talk: Our TikTok usage usually consists of mindlessly scrolling while half-watching reality TV. But every so often, we come across content that’s actually useful for our day-to-day lives (sure, we love makeup tutorials, but we’re not really taking that glittery eyeliner out for a spin as often as we’d like). And in this case, we couldn’t wait to share our discovery as soon as possible.

The big news? Thanks to Kroger Health, you can get flu shots for your whole family at the same time as you get your groceries—just in time for the upcoming fall flu season. We also happen to think that between the craziness that is back-to-school and the long list of weekly errands that come with being a grown-up, this revelation is coming at the perfect time.

You can either schedule your flu shot—like The Eliott Family of 7 did—or just walk in to the pharmacy at any of your local Kroger family of stores. Either way, it’s free* and convenient. So not only are you prioritizing your health, you can also shop all your favorite Kroger groceries while you’re there.

Plus, if you’re traveling, you can get your flu shot and required travel vaccines like the COVID-19 vaccine. Skyler Lee plans ahead for her trip by visiting her local Kroger Health and then picking up some must-have travel goodies.

Let’s just say that maybe our TikTok habit isn’t so bad after all.

* Flu vaccines are covered by most insurance plans and are free to the recipient, check with your plan.

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