These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Known for Their Jealousy (But Here’s How They Can Use It as a Superpower)

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You've seen the quote plastered onto Pinterest boards and emblazoned across doormats in loopy calligraphy: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” But your friend just moved to your dream city, your brother got a perfect score on the GMAT and your partner just gazed at a stranger like they were the love interest in a ‘90s rom com. You’re jealous. And if your zodiac placements tend toward envious feelings, you might feel the heat even more. Here are the four signs known for their jealousy, and how each can channel it in a healthier way.

(Psst: Your astrological traits involve twelve celestial bodies, not just your sun sign. To discover your entire planetary portrait, check out your birth chart.)

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1. Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Why They're Jealous: 

Aries, we know your morning alarm feels like the sounding gun of a 100-meter dash, propelling you forward into action. Life is a sprint; any jealousy ignited in you is born of sheer impatience in the race toward your dreams. Aries can feel like they’re perpetually playing catch up. Driven and competitive, you envy people who are further along at achieving your goals (30 under 30 lists might send you spiraling). Aries wants to be the first—to set foot on Mars or to add chili peppers to banana bread—and the best. And they can’t help but feel like the clock is ticking.

How They Can Use it to Their Advantage:

These fire signs love to distinguish themselves from the crowd. But there’s room in the world for everyone to reach their highest potential. Instead of focusing your restless energy on what others have accomplished, redirect it toward a more worthy cause. How about working to enact change the world desperately needs right now? Find a cause that ignites your inner firepower. When you’re working with others toward a meaningful goal, you’ll want everyone to succeed (without keeping score).

2. Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Why They're Jealous:

Cancers keep their feelings of inadequacy tucked inside their 500-page journals. Fulfilled by their deep personal relationships, the water signs fear anything that threatens those bonds. So if your best friend is now spending all her free time with someone she met at pottery class, you’re probably jealous of that meaningful connection. Does she still care about you? Are you about to be replaced? Under their tough outer shell, the cosmic crabs are incredibly sensitive and easily threatened. You crave security and stability, so you’ll want to claw your friends and family back into your circle if they’ve strayed.

How They Can Use it to Their Advantage:

Cancers live in their feeling realm. While you’re tempted to hold all of your fears and insecurities inside, it’s better to let those emotional rivers flow, not fester. Cancer’s gift is their borderline psychic emotional intelligence. So instead of feeling insecure about your bestie’s new acquaintance, use your huge heart to tell her how much you appreciate her friendship. Later, passive aggression.

3. Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Why They're Jealous:

Leos thrive when they’re glimmering in the spotlight, basking in the recognition of their peers. And naturally, they’re not thrilled when someone pushes them offstage in order to take the lead. If Leos are able to express themselves and feel appreciated—whether that’s through sharing their latest painting or a well-researched political opinion—they’re less prone to jealousy. But when they’re attention-starved, it’s difficult for the fire signs to see others being overfed compliments—especially when the Lions think they could’ve done a better job.

How They Can Use it to Their Advantage:

Validation is Leo’s fuel. But when your reserves are low, lamenting over the adoration given to others isn’t helpful. Instead, look to a circle of loved ones to make you feel seen. Your sister is a brilliant writer, so she’ll appreciate the poem you wrote on the subway yesterday. And your co-worker could really use your homemade lasagna after their tough week. See, you really are an influencer.

4. Scorpio (Oct 22 - Nov 21)

Why They're Jealous:

Scorpio traverses two realities: the seen and unseen. They’re interested in peeling back the universe’s superficial layers in order to expose the good stuff: the truth. So while on the surface, it looks like your partner is ordering creme brulee, is he actually speaking a secret love language with the waiter? Did he write his number on the check in invisible ink? Jealousy stems from Scorpio’s paranoia. You’re one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, but you might use this vision to dream up scenarios that aren’t actually happening (and then let your anger simmer for months).

How They Can Use it to Their Advantage:

Instead of envisioning the worst-case scenario “just in case,” why not use your vivid imagination for good? Picture glorious things happening in your favor: Your friends singing your praises when you’re not around, your startup company making waves in the wellness industry. If none of us can really control what happens, why not assume the best? Who knows, you might just manifest it into existence.

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