New Yorkers Are Getting Super In-Depth Physicals and They Come with Surprising Perks

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New Yorkers have notoriously high standards. And why shouldn’t we? Some of the world’s finest cuisine, entertainment and shopping lie at our fingertips. So it’s no surprise that we’re now demanding more from our health care.

No longer satisfied with a quick check-up from a nurse practitioner, many are turning to in-depth physical examinations that go beyond the standard blood pressure test. Spoiler: These extensive assessments aren’t the kind you can squeeze in on your lunch break.  

One of these is the Elitra Exam, a six-hour personalized physical exam that includes screenings, advanced blood work, onsite cardiac imaging and calcium scoring, full-body scans, x-rays and mammograms, plus a meeting with on-site nutritionists. Also part of the package? Breakfast, lunch and a 20-minute massage. Not too shabby. But this premier service doesn’t come cheap—prices start at $5,000, with the option to add more case-specific testing.

So, who is this exam marketed toward? Many of the center's patients are ones with known health issues who have to visit multiple specialists on the reg but with Elitra, it's a one-stop-shop. Then there's the clientele for whom time is money (think: Wall Street execs). “The typical Elitra client appreciates the efficiency and value of visiting one facility in one day to receive all of their testing and results,” Avi Levy, Executive Vice President of Elitra Health tells us.

 If dropping $5k on your annual check-up sounds a little steep, there are more budget-friendly options available. Parsley Health offers in-depth exams starting from $500. “Our doctors dive deep with cutting-edge testing based on symptoms, meaning we may do a microbiome test for digestive concerns or analyze a member’s genetic data for variations that could explain their fatigue, depression or anxiety. We also use detailed tracking to understand their medical history—were they born via C-section? Breastfed?—to understand their risk of developing certain illnesses,” founder and CEO Robin Berzin, MD, tells us. 

Meanwhile, at the Morrison Center, new patients should expect to spend two hours at their initial appointment (consultations with Dr. Morrison himself start from $1,200) which consists of a detailed medical history, a meeting with a nutritionist, blood work and a preliminary supplement protocol, which may include IV drips. (And you thought getting a free bottle of water from your doctor was cool.)

Big Apple residents know that it takes more than a Honeycrisp a day to keep the doctor away. But when your appointment includes breakfast and a massage, why would you want to?

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