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The Fastest Way to Cool Down When Youre Overheated

Listen, we love summer as much as the next gal. Long days, the beach, barbecues, cute dresses and, oh yes, rosé cocktails. But that sticky, oppressive heat that sometimes makes it difficult to breathe or turns your face a horrifying shade of crimson? Not so much. Here, a super-speedy way to cool down the next time it’s sweltering outside. 

What you need: Two clean washcloths and water. 

What you do: Run both cloths under cold water until they’re completely soaked. After wringing them out, wrap one cloth around your neck and lay the other one on top of the insides of your wrists. Let them sit for a minute or two. 

Why it works: The blood vessels in those areas are close to the surface of the skin. By targeting these pulse points, it signals your brain to lower your body temperature faster. 

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