6 Ways to Be a Better Friend (Than You Already Are)

Be the Romy to her Michele

You advise her on fashion. (No, she can’t pull off that jumpsuit.) You talk her off ledges. (Overuse of emojis is not grounds for a breakup.) And you genuinely provide her with some pretty fun times. (What happened in college stays in college.) But are you truly being the best friend possible? Here, six easy(ish) ways to take your friendship game up a notch.


Pick Up The Phone

Sure, you text with your college BFF all day long. But when was the last time you heard her voice? (No, the ten-year reunion doesn’t count.) If your entire relationship is via text and email these days, do your friendship a favor and give her a buzz every month or so. And if you want to get all fancy, go ahead and FaceTime her.


Ask About Something Unexpected

It’s totally fine to have a routine. (She talks about her dating woes; you go on and on about your quest for a new job.) But you’ll make your bond stronger by bringing more into the equation. Ask what she’s been reading, how her sister is doing, anything good she’s eaten in the past week. The shift in conversation will keep the two of you from falling into a rut--and maybe provide you with some good restaurant recommendations.


Don't Validate Poor Behavior

You know when your pal does something stupid or self-defeating and inside you’re shaking your head but out loud you’re saying, “You were right to cheat on Bill with the marketing intern.” Well, next time, be gentle but don’t let her off the hook. Ask her to defend her actions and prompt her to think about how she might have handled it differently--without being too judge-y, of course. Short story: Support the person, not the actions.


Let Your Guard Down

This one’s for you, Little Miss Always Put-Together. You need to give your friends access to your emotions in order to help them feel comfortable revealing theirs. In other words, the next time a friend asks what’s up and you’ve honestly had a pretty crappy day, have the courage to tell her about it. Aside from bringing you two closer, it’s basically free therapy.


Be Genuinely Happy For Their Successes

Welp, your bestie got engaged the same week you got dumped. The timing is crappy. But your happiness for her shouldn’t be contingent on what’s going on in your own life. Just can’t bring yourself to drum up joy? Fake it like a champ. We promise it’ll be better in the long run.

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Stop Being Late...and Canceling

The modern age has made the “Running 10 late” text far too ubiquitous. Be better than that. Commit to plans, stick to them and show up on time. Look at you, friend of the year!

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